what I would twitter if it wasn’t blocked at work

May 29, 2009

6:03am – I actually went along with my plan (made last night at 11:30pm) of giving myself lots of time this morning

6:57am – Sweet, my car didn’t leak any clutch fluid overnight and therefore I can drive it to work today!

7:05am – Cinnamon lattes with cinnamon chip scones are a divine combination

7:30am – I like the library when there is only one student in it and lots of sun pouring through the windows

7:50am – If I have to tell the same group of kids to stop talking/eating food one more time, I am gonna have to up the discipline alert

8:10am – I kind of like writing the schedule every day on the dry erase board, time to practice my penmanship!

9:34am – Finally finished the official rough draft of the RPC Welcome Brochure and emailed it to the group members.

10:04am – The seniors just heard their very last Friday song, I don’t know who is more happy about that, the students or the teachers.

12:33pm – On my way back from lunch I notice two high schoolers making out in the stairwell, at least it wasn’t the back stacks of the library

1:15pm – I try out Shari’s 15 minute post-lunch nap and it is awesome.

1:48pm – Is it 3pm yet?

2:25pm – Today’s productive activity attempting to wrangle my inbox into some kind of order, I am under 4,000!

3:05pm – I am out of here, have a good weekend everyone!


  1. 4000? Seriously? I can’t let mine go above two pages. I don’t like it being more than one. It was fantastic seeing you this weekend. Love you so much!

  2. It twas wonderful seeing you, The main reason my inbox is so out of hand is that it never was in hand, I only started doing this whole labels and archive thing around 6 months ago, before that it was very much “hey gmail gives me lots of space, so why not keep everything” 🙂

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