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May 29, 2009

So on Memorial Day, a friend hosted another awesome Murder Mystery Dinner and this time it was set in 1943 – Great Britain.  Which of course meant lots of fun trying to dig up a vintage outift.  With some help from Jess (thanks for letting me borrow your awesome hat!) I was able to put together this outfit from just the random clothes I had in my closet.  This of course is both kind of awesome and kind of weird.  If you want to see more pictures (in which I actually capture the entire outfit) click on the photo above to see the complete set.

I never got around to posting these pictures from my walk down to the lake that I took with Tim and my parents two weekends ago.  So here is probably the best one taken by the genius Tim.  I didn’t do anything to this one in Photoshop, which also means you can see living proof of how bad I need to clean my lens if you look at the photo close-up.

Last but not least my 50mm lens finally arrived Thursday and I celebrated by taking pictures of cats!  I have a lot of learning to do with this lens, I miss the zoom, but I love how it is forcing me to learn more about my aperture setting and narrow depths of field.  Stay tuned for lots more practice shots!


  1. Awww! Cat Puddle!! He looks so… noble? Sort of lion-esque…

  2. Glad you liked my picture from the walk down to the lake. And great depth of field on the Puddle picture. I’d say you’re getting the hang of the 50mm lens quite quickly. Here’s a great article on the 50mm I came acroos the other day that I think you’ll enjoy:

    <a href="http://vothphoto.com/spotlight/articles/forgotten_lens/forgotten-lens.htm:<Why You Should Ditch That Zoom for a Classic 50mm "Normal" Lens

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