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Starved Rock visit

May 22, 2009

Wow, it is friday and another weekend is almost here and I still haven’t written about the lovely time I had last weekend.  Well hopefully this still falls under the category of better late than never.  Because I like things this way, here is my illustrated story of the weekend.*

This whole weekend came about as a means of celebrating Tim having photographs on display a really neat winery near Starved Rock.  I took off of work a little early on Friday and drove Tim and Charletta down to the opening (which I should probably talk about in another post, entitled “My lucky, not so lucky, but still functioning car”).  Just in case you haven’t seen any of Tim’s great stuff, go check out his flickr account.

After a rather harrowing trip down to Utica (Tim got to spend over 4 hours in a car while suffering from a spinal headache, a result of the minor surgery he had last week).  But the evening was fun and lots of familiar faces (considering the distance most had to drive to get there!) made it even better.

Mom and Mary help Sistah A up the stairs

Saturday morning we all enjoyed a continental breakfast of questionable nutritious value before heading off to Starved Rock national park.  Due to the rather torrential rains of the past week, several of the parking lots were flooded and many of the non-paved trails were mud-filled.

Fortunately Starved Rock itself was still accessible, so the family (Aunt Mary, Uncle Wishart, my parents, Tim, Cousin Gina, Husband Mike and their two adorable kids) all hiked up and walked around.

There was plenty of bird watching and Tim and I even switched cameras for a while.  Which meant I got to completely fall in love with the 50 mm lens (mine should arrive early next week!) and of course we took a ton of pictures.

But with subjects like this

and this, who can blame me?

Even Dad and Tim did their best to look cool,

although once we pointed out their chosen posing spot, they got a good laugh.

Tree Photo Taking

Of course the nice thing about having Tim around is that I actually get in a shot or two.

Of course Wishart told some jokes and was hilarious as always.

And by the time the morning was over, we were all a little tuckered out.  So we went our separate ways, except my parents came back to Chicago and hung out with us until Sunday evening.  I might have a few more pictures from that portion of the weekend, but I figure you all are feeling much like this last photo due to INABILITY TO STOP POSTING PICTURES. 🙂

*for another version of this weekend, check out my cousin’s post