Day 5 & Day 6 (Easter)

April 21, 2009

Day 5

Day 5: Seattle Adventure started off much like earlier ones with some lazing about and discussions of the day, followed by big rush to successfully catch the bus.  Meryl and I rode the bus to Broadway Ave, where we checked ourselves into the very fun (lots! of! tattooed hipster stylists milling about) Rudy’s Barbershop.  They thankfully had no line for their walk-ins, so we each got claimed by a stylist.  Mine was really great and actually sat me in the chair for a bit and listened to me blather on about how I wanted me hair to be curly (it is really only wavy and partially at that) and how I didn’t know if I wanted bangs and could she please give me a great haircut?  Then it was off to washing and trimming and in the end (other than the over-product-ing that took place) was pretty darn pleased with the results.  Overall a pretty subtle change, more layers (texturizing, I think) and some intro bangs (i.e. shortish layers near my face) and basically the best hair experience I have had in number of years.  Meryl also got a bang-up job with some nice layers and very cool bangs, sort of her China haircut minus the mullet part.

We followed up our haircuts with brunch at Linda’s Tavern, which was yummy, filling and again filled with lots of west coast hipsters (attention women I recommend Buddy Holly glasses and skinny jeans, while men should go with even tighter jeans and plan knit stocking caps).  After getting full, we wandered around, stopping at various little stories in search of a replacement hat for Meryl (unsuccessful) and ending with a stop at this amazing costume/vintage store (that I forget the name of), where both Meryl and I found amazingly fun dresses.  And in Meryl’s case she was gracious enough to try out the yellow knit strapless pantsuit I found her, which was just as amazing as you can imagine (think Jasmine from the cartoon Aladdin).

Then in the evening, Meryl borrowed a Zip car and we abducted the lovely Katie for a wonderful gab fest, trivial pursuit dinner at Third Place Books.  It was the perfect way to spend time with two of my favorite women and it felt really refreshing to catch up on both of their lives.  Besides the Greek food we had was spectacular and I finally ended my days long quest to find a copy of “World War Z” which will play a major role in my write up of Day 6.  After supper we dropped off Katie at her house and headed back to Meryl to hang with the two out of town guests and David.  We lounged, lap-top-ed (I think we had 4 macbooks present for 5 people, plus two iPhones and countless iPods, what geeks!) and chatted until the hour became two late.

Day 6
Do to some last minute changes to accommodate two extra folks needing to get to the airport, Meryl drove  us there at the amazing hour of 5am.  I got my boarding pass (no checked luggage this time!) and started the internal debate of sleep vs. coffee.  This was pretty much solved for me when I opened up World War Z* and began to read.  Wow, talk about a world that totally sucks you in.  The book is set up as a collection of interviews that take place 10 years after the world finally fought of an apocalyptic zombie infestation (very infectious and very desiring of your brains).  Told in a straightforward, super realistic manner, this book completely and totally hooked me.  And exactly as Katie warned me, I spent the first week after finishing the book (it fit almost perfectly into my 4 hour plane ride, although I will admit I was so into the plot that I was speed reading), routinely analyzing my life and what I am going to do when the Zs start appearing. Now if you have no interest in long winded zombie inspired drivel, I suggest skipping to the end of this entry.

Basically when you are fighting a foe that 1) has no fear and no ability to communicate or surrender 2) multiplies itself by biting any nearby humans 3) can survive without water/sun/air you really need a great safe room, a ruthless and lots of ammo.  So first off my current house is completely out of the question, full of windows and connecting stairs, it would be impossible to defend.  However when I was walking by the church I noticed that it’s former use as a warehouse/factory could prove quite useful.  Mainly brick in construction with only two fairly easily defensible entrances (one is into a small alleyway that could be blockaded with little difficulty) and high set windows, it could be the perfect place to hole up and fight of the Zs.  But then of course the difficulty with living in a community full of pacifists is that I doubt many of the people I know have guns or weapons of any kind (except for Libby! dear lord she will be so useful when the Zs come!).  In the end I think my main chances of survival depends on having lots of warning and plenty of chance to get out of the city and join up with my family at the Goshen Gunshop.**

Okay enough with the zombie ramblings, the rest of my day was spent eating Easter dinner with my family and trying to plan out my very full upcoming week.  I should note that I do see the incredible irony of spending Easter morning reading a book about the resurrection of the undead while flying on  a plane halfway across the country.

*While I don’t recommend this book for the highly squirmish, I was actually rather impressed with the writing and the overall hopeful note that the human race would eventually be able to defeat even the undead.  I mean hey, zombies are much harder to crush than global warming people!

**Obviously I should consider reading this book next.  Also these sites might prove useful in your zombie apocalypse preparations.


  1. I want to see pics of the new haircuts! Especially Meryl’s improvement on her China hairdo 😉

  2. wow! you women are beautiful!

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