Update on Lent Resolutions

April 17, 2009

So I did end up buying any music or clothes last week?  Well yes on one count, but I feel that sometimes exceptions to Lent must be made for vintage purple pink paisley dresses that fit in all the right places and are an absolute hoot to wear.  However I did hold off of buying music at least until the evening of Easter in which I purchased the catchy amazing Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack (I finally saw the movie in Seattle with Meryl and David) and then last night I finally purchased my Avett Brother’s album.  In the end I don’t think my resolutions really caused me too much work, but they did make me think a few times and consider a bit more what I was choosing to spend my money on.  And so I think that is enough to call them a success.

Although right now I am more concerned with counting down this next 30 minutes and getting myself out the door and towards the weekend.


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