Day 3 & 4

April 16, 2009

So almost one week past due (which sounds about right considering my posting frequency as of late), here are the belated “daily” photos from my amazing spectacular visit to Seattle.

Day 3
I spent the first part of the day sitting on Meryl’s couch in my pajamas deciding how best to plan out my final day of solo Seattle wanderings.  I finally decided on the Frye Museum with a late afternoon meet up with David.  So I quickly looked up which bus to take there and how to find it and got on board.  It was only after the bus started moving that I realized I had not really paid any attention to the part about where and when to get off the bus.  Fortunately my bus driver was quite helpful (even to the point of repeatedly blowing his horn at the bus I needed to transfer too) and I got off on the correct street.  And all it took was walking a few blocks and a quick double checking of my route with Meryl and I got to the Museum.  I decided to get my lunch in its charming little cafe and I was so pleased to discover that they had a fancy Mac & Cheese on the menu, which was amazing.

After sitting, eating and a little bit of reading, I wandered around the Museum for about an hour and picked out which paintings I would buy for my friends if money were not object.  Have you ever played that game?  It makes wandering around a museum by yourself a bit more entertaining, but unfortunately due to a lack of legal photography I couldn’t actually record the paintings for my friends.  However one painting I do remember picking out for Steph, was one of a beautiful dancing woman who also happened to be Rilke’s lover (To see the painting go here, and click on the second image in the slide show).

After a nice time spent in the Museum I walked downtown and decided to use the excuse of a sunny day in Seattle to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  Then I met David at his super chic office (where he has an amazing window looking out on the sound!!!!) where I persuaded him to leave his laptop behind and show me the wonders of Top Pot.  Which in case you didn’t know has the best doughnuts in all of Seattle and possibly Washington State.  Then David and I headed off to this thing:

Where we looked at the city and saw this:

During our walk to the Needle, we made plans with Meryl to meet up, which meant we got enjoy a rather nerdy (and successful!) attempt to find Meryl through the free binoculars provided along the needle overlook.  We didn’t even need Meryl to set off any of those emergency flares she always carries around in her backpack.

The rest of the day was spent finding some dinner and then heading over to Katie and all’s lovely house for some game watching and chatting.  A round of Settler’s was finished and then a rousing game of taboo took place in which I managed to sneak onto the winning team.  After which we bused our way back to Meryl and David’s neighborhood and I fairly quickly and exhaustedly fell asleep.

Day 4
All of this day was spent sampling, purchasing, preparing, eating, washing up from and generally enjoying a Chocolate themed dinner.  Starting with the always amazing/delicious Theo Chocolate, we eventually worked our way to Pike’s Market for fresh produce and chocolate pasta (actually not as good as it sounds, unfortunately), and ending at a co-op on First Hill.  All in all, shopping by bus takes a little while longer than by car and we made it back to Meryl’s to begin preparations for our feast by around 4pm.  However throughout the shopping trip I kept getting distracted by all the beautiful trees containing lots of these:

The menu consisted of Baked Brie with Cacao Nibs and Lingonberry Preserves, followed by Chocolate Mole with homemade Tortillas and Cacao Nib and Baby Greens Salad with Sour Cherry vinaigrette.  And to top it off Chocolate pasta with Fresh Strawberries, homemade whipped cream and generous portions of Theo’s incredibly rich spiced Sipping Chocolate.  The evening was made even more exciting by the arrival of an old friend from college who had spent the week climbing Mount Rainier (a slightly bigger challenge than my “drink a latte from a different coffee shop in Seattle everyday ” goal of the week).  We were also joined by Katie and Brian, who graciously taught us a rather ingenious game called Munchkin.  Once again much fun was had by all and that night I once again slept the sleep of the contentedly exhausted.

Hopefully this weekend I will finally get around to added Day 5 and my few notes about my flight home, but in case you want a few teasers I will say those days included; haircuts, zombies, photobooths that didn’t “work”, trivial pursuit, hard cider, long flights and big Easter dinners.



  1. I didn’t realize you were so fond of games! We are big fans of Settlers and Munchkin (and its many, many iterations, all of which are useable with one another).

  2. I fear sometime you’ll get it in your head to move to Seattle – then we’d have to hugely expand our carbon footprint to see you! Well at least it would get me to one of the 5 states I’ve never been to.

  3. MLE – Settlers is probably my all around go to board game, although I also really like Alhambra. Another favorite is the Tichu card game, kind of complicated to learn, but hugely obsession producing when you get into it.

    Dad – I think you would like Seattle, good public transport, lots of “green” folks and some challenging hills for your bike. But if I do move to Seattle, it wouldn’t be for a few years yet 🙂

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