copied over from a Sticky note written at O’Hare airport

April 7, 2009

I am sitting here at O’Hare airport with my latte, check-in bag, scone from starbucks, backpack, coat and water bottle.  Unfortunately there is no free wi-fi in this windy city airport, which makes sense because nothing is free in Chicago.  So in case you all were wondering I did indeed recover from my nasty virus of two weeks ago.  But the suckiest part of being sick was missing my friend’s wedding in Goshen that weekend.  Despite the fact that my fever had broken by then, I just didn’t think it was wise to through a weekend trip into the recovery grab bag.  Which probably in the end was a wise, if frustrating choice.

The past few weeks have been full ones, I spent good portions of the past week dusting books, shelves and even heating vents at the library due to a spurt of spring cleaning brought on by my boss.  Probably the highlight of the week was discovering a secret vent hidden behind a book shelf, that had a layer of dust bunnies on it thick enough to put fur on a rabbit.  Sometimes I take a weird delight in random bursts of meticulous detail, so I removed the book shelf in front of it, dusted off all the books, unscrewed the vent, vacuumed it all out and then just to cap it off used a small screw to clean out each little indentation.   I figure this vent probably only gets cleaned once every 70 years, so it was due a thorough going over.

But now I am finally on my long awaited spring break and waiting to board my long awaited flight to Seattle.  I will spend the next week hanging out with David, Meryl, Katie, etc and visiting Theo Chocolates (I have about a gazillion orders from friends and housemates), the new and amazing Seattle Public Library, maybe swinging by Pike’s Market, finally seeing the Space Needle and possibly even a tulip festival.  While Seattle is not exactly a typical Spring Break destination, the fact that we had snow in Chicago this past weekend, will make even rainy days in the 50s a new kind of lovely.

In an interesting side note I am sitting across from a young mother with an infant and a rather adorably precocious toddler.  While the mother could be a bit older than me, we are most likely a similar age and I kind of wonder what she thinks of me sitting over here typing away on my laptop.  There are parts of me that would love to be where she is now (despite the harrowing 5 hour trip she is about to embark on, two children and no visible partner), there are other larger parts of me that is pretty thrilled to still be in the stage of life, where a cross-country flight is a much simpler, easier to plan event.

Oh and one more thing, for my flight entertainment I brought along a crossword book, a John Grishom novel, a thick novel about magicians in Victorian England and my camera manual which I am determined to finally read.  Any guesses what I will actually end up doing on my flight?



  1. I was so sad not to see you at Leah’s wedding! Glad to hear you are fully recovered. Have fun in Seattle! Give Meryl a hug for me!

  2. Mel – I was really bummed to miss seeing you guys too! And of course I passed on many a hug to Meryl, she’s quite the hugger, that one is. 🙂

    And in case anyone is interested, The Broker totally won out over the other options, duh!

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