drowning in pleghm

March 25, 2009

So I am a sick, good and thoroughly sick.  Fever, check.  Runny nose, check.  Sore throat, check.  Nasty lung congestion that results in unpleasently productive coughs, check.  Night sweats and chills, check.  And the best part is, this whole thing seems to have actually gotten worse not better.  Granted the fever is down some (the doctor this morning gave me permission to take 600mg of Ibuprofen ALONG with 500mg Tylenol every 6 hours), but the yucky congestion part and the on-fire, take my voice away sore throat are both new in the past 24 hours.

So now I have to make the decision about going to work tomorrow, I have already taken off half a day Monday (that’s when the fever started) and Tuesday and today.  In all honesty if I had known I would be feeling this bad today I probably would have chosen to keep working on Tuesday, never mind the fever, just so that I could have tomorrow off too.  But then 3 days in a row of sick days seems a bit excessive.

In related whining our house is having the second floor bathroom renovated, so for my hourly trips to the bathroom (I am downing that fluid, man!), I have to go ALL the way downstairs.   Which you know, is a great hardship.  In addition to all that our internet has been buggy all day yesterday, before giving out completely in the afternoon.  So there I was stranded at home, without even the procrastinating power of the Internet to keep me busy.  Thank goodness for the Project Runway season 2 DVDs that I borrowed from Jess, or else I might have been tempted to go crazy or be at all productive.

UPDATE: Dude my fever is killer strong, I am still at 100 degrees only an hour after taking over 1,000mg of fever reducers.  But hey at least they make my throat hurt less.


  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick 😦 I’m just getting better. We’ve had a similar bug sweeping through our office and 90% of the folks on the 2nd floor got it. I completely lost my voice yesterday, but thankfully didn’t have the fever issues. I got antibiotics on Monday and they helped a lot! Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Oh, I”m so sorry to hear you’re sick! I hope your fever actually does start to go down sometime soon, and that you feel better. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it seems like we’re all getting sick. Doesn’t help that you’re surrounded by kids all day at work, either, eh? one of my friends just described school children as “living bastions of disease.” hehe.

  3. I think you should go to school and proceed to sneeze and cough on as many unruly and annoying students (and staff/faculty?) as possible. Be sure to rub your nose and cough into your hands a lot and touch as many things as possible. 😉

    Seriously though. I hope you feel better soon. I feel decently confident in my immune system, so if you want some company tonight, maybe a movie or something, and some tea… give me a call or email. 🙂
    As with the change in the seasons, I’m trying to overload my system with Vitamin C and other happy healthy stuffs.

  4. This has been a terrible year for viruses. Dan and I each got sick four times (and my last bit of nastiness sounded a lot like yours!) Honestly, if you can swing it, staying home is probably the best option. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I hope you are feeling better. I’m off to the US soon. I hope I don’t catch what’s going around, it sounds nasty.

  6. hey beautiful. still feeling sick? lillie and i both got some sort of crazy cold two weeks ago. hope all is well!

  7. Thanks for all your well-wishes guys, they must have worked, seeing as I am definitely 100% all better 🙂

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