lenten temptations

March 11, 2009

I don’t think I have talked here about what I am giving up for lent, so just to let you know I am giving up buying things (muffins, donuts, hard-boiled eggs for those protein inclined days, etc) at my morning coffee break.  I decided to allow myself the occasional coffee, because sometimes caffeine is just that important.  And then because that seemed like a rather narrow condition induced “fasting”, I decided not to buy any music or clothes.  Now depending on your shopping habits that may sound incredibly easy or incredibly hard, I would say it has been somewhere in the middle for me.  I don’t tend to buy clothes that frequently, but it is pretty hard for me to visit Target without checking out their clearance section.  As for music, I already own way too much of the stuff anyways, but I like to listen to new music and the ease of the Amazon MP3 download store is often too much for me.

However there have definitely been some tempting things in all of these areas the past few weeks.  As for the music, ever since I saw two songs from it performed at the Oscars, I have been lusting after the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.  Which is a bit ridiculous, because I still haven’t actually seen the movie.  Also while driving home from class last week I heard some Pink on the radio and thought to myself, “Yeah she seems like a bit of flaky rock, but I bet her songs would make an awesome workout mix”.  Then this past weekend during our torrential rainstorms I decided the perfect music to listen too would be Norah Jones, however in a weird twist of events I don’t own anything by her (except one of her songs on a soundtrack).  Fortunately Steph was able to fulfill this need for me by emailing me 4 tracks off of her Come Away With Me album.  So all in all this whole giving up buying music hasn’t been too bad.

As for clothing, I haven’t had too much difficulty with that one….yet, so lets move on to the morning snack option.  Today I faced down a strong inclination to get a donut and coffee this morning.  However I only resisted by purchasing a French Vanilla Cappuccino from our weird little coffee vending machine.  While the drink has indeed satisfied my craving for sugary caffeine, it bears no resemblance to either France, vanilla beans or a good foamy cappuccino.

Anyways that’s my odd little ramblings about attempts at lenten fasting, how about you all.  Giving anything up for Lent?



  1. I’m giving up silverware. Who needs it anyway.

  2. I think it’s a great practice but something I’ve never really done (having never been particularly religious of any stripe). My sister, equally without religion, gives up sweets for Lent every year – at my birthday party this past weekend, she was tempted by Eat Me cupcakes, egg tarts, and trifles, but didn’t succumb.

    Also, see Slumdog Millionaire! It’s great.

  3. This should be a comment on Jonathan’s blog but since he doesn’t blog I’ll comment on his comment. We had the pleasure Saturday of sharing a pot of chili with him at our house and watching him eat it without silverware. We topped that off with ice cream which he also nonchalantly ate with his fingers. I asked him not to eat with anybody we know until after Lent 🙂

  4. This is brilliant, Dad (and Jonathan)! I didn’t actually think that he was being serious and chalked it up to hilarious Jonathan thing to say, this totally makes my day!

    Also MLE, I am super-impressed with your sister. I saw the pictures of the spread on Flickr and I would have been hard pressed to say no to one of those cupcakes, Lent or no Lent.

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