bread rising and cats purring

March 3, 2009

I am sitting here in Cana living room listening to the Decemberists combined with the whine of our malcontent freezer.  Bread is rising in the kitchen because I decided at around 8:3opm I really needed (ha!) to bake some, hence my own doom of a late bed time.  But of course this also gives me time to update this blog, which seems to be getting a bit dusty around the corners.

This past weekend was full one and extra long thanks to my favorite holiday of the year, Casimir Pulaski Day.  The complete and total highlight of the weekend was the GC chamber choir making its pen-ultimate stop of its spring break tour here in Reba land.  My house and I hosted 4 students on Saturday night and the rest of the choir was spread out around the neighborhood.  Then they all sang several songs as part of our church service and we celebrated with a gigantic potluck afterwards.

While many of the students were completely unknown to me (because I graduated a whole freaking 3 years ago!!) they were still the fun, wonderful GC students that I remember and besides at least a few of them were, conveniently, the younger siblings of folks I went to school with.  Also I got to catch up a bit with one of my wonderful former MYF leaders, which in general added to the whole nostalgic feel for the weekend.

Along with the weird wonderfullness of having your former college come visit your community the weekend made me really miss being in choir.  I sang in choir all through high school and for much of the first half of college, but since then I haven’t had many opportunities for that type of vocal exercise.  Also as their benediction song, the choir stood in a circle around the congregation and sang “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”, which is a song I have sung in various choirs.  But the act of actually hearing it sung to you, is a totally different and wonderful experience.  Music truly does have the ability to lift moods, change situations, unite people and in general make one very grateful for the people and experiences they get to bump into on a regular basis.

But enough of that waxing on, the rest of the weekend I spent trying to finish a paper and presentation double header due on Monday night.  I was successful on both counts, and in a weird fit of nervous energy (regarding the presentation) actually managed to complete both my taxes and fafsa on Monday morning.  Which sets me up to receive both the largest tax return of my life (which probably isn’t actually saying much) and also borrow even more money from the government (kinda makes me my own little failing bank!) for my silly little graduate degree.

In other news, I read this today and actually giggled out loud (something I try to avoid, seeing as I work in the shhh part of the library).  While I try to rein in my spider/bug issues, in the right circumstances I too can get just as looney as Heather does after discovering a large weird bug in the bathroom:

He shook his head, like what? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of putting the child to bed? So I said it again, “HUSBAND. THERE IS IMPORTANT WORK FOR YOU OUTSIDE OF YOUR DUTIES HERE. COME, LET ME WHISPER ABOUT IT IN YOUR EAR.”

So he casually handed Leta the top to her pajamas and took a couple of steps toward me before I grabbed his arm so forcefully that I almost pulled him to the ground. “A BUUUUUUG!” I whispered into his ear. “THERE’S A BUUUUUUUG. A BUUUUUUUUUUUUG! AND IT WANTS TO EAT MY FAAAAAACE!”

And if that post alone wasn’t great enough, Heather of Dooce.com fame will actually be in the Chicago area on March 26th to sign her new book.  So far both Erini and I are planning on going, so give me a hollar if hearing more awesomeness like the above paragraphs appeals to you.


  1. Sometimes, you just gotta make bread. No matter what time it is.

    I’m glad you had a good visit with the visiting choir. I sang for years in a choir too, and though I was never religious I always loved the way the sound of everyone’s voices together filled the worship space. Sometimes it was almost palpable. I bet there are community choirs out there; you might want to look into it?

  2. Hey sister, thanks for the report on the Goshen choir concert. I heard about it and kind of meant to go, but then forgot about it. Glad to hear it was a success!

  3. my bread rising like you but no baking powders. did not turn out well! 🙂

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