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a way back then memememe answered

January 28, 2009

So over 2 months ago back in the long shadows of 2008, Ella over at The New is the True tagged me for a meme.  Which I of course was very excited about, I mean who doesn’t love a little meme once in a while.  But as things tend to do, I just never got around to doing it, so here now in brand new remodeled luxury is my version of the meme.

  1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
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  3. Write six random things about yourself.
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  6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random 1 – When I was younger I could do the sideways splits, which I think was mainly due to some weird double jointedness.   Unfortunately I didn’t keep it up and now just have normal Clark Kent flexibility.  Although I can still make my thumb and middle finger do these weird crooked things.

Random 2 – I have never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld or Disneyplanet (this one may or may not exist).

Random 3 – I enjoy small amounts of repetitive type tasks such as sorting coins, shelving books, and various forms of data entry.  However in large amounts I hate all of those tasks with a passion.

Random 4 – If left totally to my own devices and guaranteed no negative health implications; I would probably eat melted cheese for every single meal for the rest of my life.  Oh and maybe some fresh berries too!

Random 5 – I have never particularly loved ice cream except for hot fudge sundaes or a scoop on warm pie.  Ice cream cones and fancy flavors hold little appeal for me.

Random 6 – Just in case you weren’t already aware of my rather large obsession with Lord of the Rings, I have read the complete trilogy around 6 or 7 times, plus the Hobbit and Silmarillion another 4 and 2 times respectively.  I watched the movies three times each in the theater, dressed up in elven gear for the 2nd and 3rd midnight openings and have since watched the extended version (or as I like to call it – the only version worth watching) and all their DVD extras multiple times.  However the blame for this obsession should also be laid partly on my Dad who read the entire trilogy out loud to my brothers and I when we were kids.