cars, bread, new classes and yes it is still winter

January 27, 2009

First off thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts in response to my last post.  I am finding that like much of life reactions to those types of events tend to go in waves, one day you are fine, the next you hate the world and want more chocolate ice cream.  Right now I am on a nice wave of fineness and good things thanks in part to a good cry, amazing times with girl friends, baking some bread and as Tim puts it being able to breath through my mouth.

Classes have started up, and for the most part have been pretty good.  I am taking two classes this semester, one is the introduction to the school library track and the other an introduction to reference services.  The references class is online, which so far is a great commute and the other is on main campus which is a not so great commute.  Speaking of which now that I have been blessed with a car (thanks Mom and Dad) I have been learning the importance of defensive driving.  Which actually in Chicago has much more to do with avoiding massive concrete abysses (some non-locals mistakenly refer to these as “potholes”) and less with avoiding contact with other cars.

Anyways back to my classes, last night during the school library class I learned of all the many many hoops one must jump through in order to obtain a teacher’s license, all the tests, classes, student teaching, etc.  But I still think I have interest in pursuing the school librarian track, because even if I end up working in public libraries, it is much easier to have the school degree than not.  Also both my professors seem engaging and incredibly knowledgeable if not always supremely organized.

In other news I have become obsessed with baking bread.  In the past few weeks I have made Honey Whole Wheat, Oatmeal and Three Flour breads all from the More with Less.  Tonight if there is time I am considering doing the Honey Whole Wheat again, but with added cinnimon and raisens.  But considering I am also making supper and attending a meeting, that may not be a sure bet.

Oh yeah, about that car thing.  I am a little amazed to rather quickly have joined the ranks of car owner.  In about a week and a half I went from talking about buying a car with my parents to owning their old car now fully titled, plated and stickered in the great state of Illinois.  Which let me tell you the cost of all the various forms of registration ended up totally about half the cost of the car, crazy bureaucrats.  Also my proud-of-myself moment of the week was when I figured out (with some help from the friendly folks at Ace hardware) how to attach a license plate to the front of my car, drilled the holes and installed the plate all by myself.

So how about all of you, any proud-of-yourself moments this week?

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