short story of romance and woe

January 16, 2009

As most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been doing the whole “blogging frequently” as of late.  Part of that has to do with my general laziness and reading way too many other blogs to keep up with my own thing.  But a large portion of it has to do with so many brain cells being devoted to thinking about this other thing.  Now because this is a public blog and, despite my love for you all, I don’t think I want to just blabber my more private moments all over google, I will try to keep this brief.  But basically there is a boy and I liked him and I got to know him.  We went on walks and talked a l0t and in the end I asked him if maybe he liked me too and wanted to try dating.  But he didn’t and so now I am sad.  Not broken heart, cry your eyes out for days in bed sad, more like I feel bruised and lonely around the edges.  And sometimes I feel angry that this was happening to me and frustration that I can’t seem to find someone who is as dorky as me AND interested in dating me.

But if anything the past few days have taught me that even when you don’t really feel like getting better and would rather wallow a little longer, thank you very much; hearts, egos and such tend to heal faster than one would think.  And so yes I am still sad and a little mad, but I am also thinking about other things too.  Like how beautiful and amazing the miraculous landing of the recent crash landing of that flight into the Hudson river was and how much I like my housemates.  Like how lovely it is that my parents are going to sell me their old car and how I won’t have to take public transportation for hours on end to get to class.  Like how much it sucks that is is so cold, but how lovely the sun is on the piercingly blue sky.  And how even though I know that I will have fall backs and be mad/sad/lonely many more times in the future, I have so many people supporting me that when those times come just a little bit of their sting is gone.


  1. Hi Abby!
    I’m sorry it didn’t go as you wanted – those “I’d rather remain friends” moments truly suck…
    I hope you’ll get back to your usual positive joyful self quickly!
    For me, reading some of my favorite authors, watching series I know I love, and (of course) ice cream, help me along those blue sad days — and sure, friends and family are a huge help too! We’re so lucky to have those…
    Get happy soon! 🙂

  2. I’ve had some moments like that too recently, where you realize that you CAN pull yourself out of depression. Like those posters in high school, you Can ‘Choose your Attitude’! We must be growing up! –hug!– 🙂

  3. I sympathise about the guy, though really it’s his loss in the long term, isn’t it? But I am so impressed that you actually took the initiative with him, which takes a great deal of courage. It would be nice, however, wouldn’t it, if men were better at tacitly signaling what they are thinking and hoping for, rather than either party having to verbalise his/her wishes.

    I hope that you feel better soon, and I agree with Martadc on the icecream remedy, and I recommend maybe rum-and-raisin, pistacchio, raspberry – or all three.

  4. This does indeed suck.

    And, as we talked about earlier… it is sort of awkwardly frustrating how we heal so quickly sometimes… Even though the situation hasn’t been resolved, still sucks, and still bothers you… overall you’re just not as upset anymore and you’re moving on… though part of you still wants to be upset… But I mean, this is healthy and good.

    I’ll leave out the hopefully messages, but just offer you this: trashy movies and some icecream? (sorry, I don’t have any with peanut butter)…

  5. ((Abby))

    I’m glad things are looking up.

  6. i don’t know this fellow, so i can be harsh towards anyone who messes with my amazing friend abby.

    i hope he loses a finger in a bizarre skiing accident.

    but also, what courage on your part to take initiative! not everyone can do that.

    are you going to still hang out? maybe he’ll see the light when he gets his head out of his bum.

    i agree with erini – trashy movies, pronto. nothing better when you’re feeling blue.

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