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lurk, lurk, lurk, DELURK

January 12, 2009

Apparently today is Delurking day, or so various blogs have informed me.  Now for those of you who don’t know delurking involves the strange but wonderful act of commenting on a blog in which you read, but don’t usually comment on.

In other words you remove yourself from the lurker status to that of valiant honorable commenter, even if only for a day.  Now I should confess I myself am an A-1 lurker in my own right.  But today even though it is grey and miserable outside and probably going to snow some more tonight, I managed to de-lurk on several blogs this morning.  So come on you can do it too, just press that little comment button down there and say hi.  And it would be cool to know where you are blogging from or how long you have been reading my blog or even if you know me in real life.  Anyways I hope all your Mondays are way better then mine.  Hey what the heck, I hope your whole week is better than mine.