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2009 and I have a little heart to heart

January 8, 2009

Wow, okay 2009, nice to meet you … This feels awkward like I should have made some cookies and put the tea kettle on.  But now that you are here, I guess we should just sit down and chat.  Here do you need a pillow for your back, I have found those to be lovely for improved lumbar support and also a wonderful reminder that we all are growing older and will of course die.

Hmmm, 2009, I think my current mood has been slightly effected by my rereading of the Sandman series.  You haven’t read them yet?  Oh boy you should get on that, they are full of all kinds of mythology and dreams and wonderful people and horrible tragedies and they are true in a very strange way.

So tell me 2009, what have you been up too recently?  Ah I see here you have been catching up on your mindless interneting and movie watching. Well, I am sure that is quite needed after the business of that previous year.  How do you get along with 2008, by the way, do you guys still chat or have you moved on?  You don’t really go in for that reflection stuff much do you?  Ah well I guess you are pretty young yet and I am sure 2008 had lots of things to attend too being a part of history now and all.

Oh me?  Well things are going well, I have been developing a huge travel itch recently.  It seems everyone has cool travel plans this winter/spring, but of course I am tied to the school schedule, so my next window of opportunity isn’t until April.  I actually had an incredible urge to visit Istanbul, I mean who doesn’t want to spend a week in Turkey.  Turns out tickets were only 900 bucks, but then with the hostels and the eating and the everything, I think it would be a bit out of budget.  So instead I just bought tickets to Seattle…You know Seattle, 2009, that west coast city that you keep dumping snow on … yeah that one.  I see, you thought it was a rather funny joke, did you, hmmm, I think they may be getting tired of that.

Oh, you need to be going 2009, something about needing to check up on peoples’ resolutions, okay, well thanks for stopping by, maybe we can do this again sometime.  Take care now!