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favorite things #1

December 26, 2008

Given my tendency to skip the whole “thinking about the past year” thing and my plans to spend most of my break as relaxed, movie transfixed, continually baking, and socializing as possible leads me to think I should probably get started on that whole year end review thing now.

So trying to think of cool ways to sum up the year 2008 (which according to my tongue in cheek goals from last January was a bit of a failure), I will be doing a list of unknown length* in which I write posts about my favorite things.

While I tend to have a love/hate relationship with blogging**, what has by far been the best part of blogging for the past few years is comments and more specifically you who are reading this.  The first comment on my blog was by the lovely phoenix from Seattle, who has long been a blogging inspiration to me and great friend.  My blogging community has grown somewhat over the years, still mainly populated by friends and family, but it has brought me a few new friends.  For example, I have met two great ladies from Australia, Bindi and Mirabella, the fun and European Marta, the generous and funny MLE from Denver, my fellow library school friend from Canada, and others who I am probably failing to mention.  I have gained closer bonds to loose connections from college in the form of nicole and emily, and stayed in touch with my far off friends, david, meryl, rini, etc.  Along with friends I have learned the joys of having a brother and parents who read and comment on your blog, and gotten to know gina, an older cousin, in great new ways, while also staying connected to my dear cousin laura and her beautiful girl, lillie.

But what I feel like has been one of the coolest things to happen through comments on my blog is getting to know Mirabella, a wonderful lady who found me through Bindi a few months back.  While we have only exchanged a handful of emails, after my grandma passed away Mirabella offered to have a hymn sung in honor of my grandma at her church.  I found the idea of a church far away in Australia doing something to honor my grandma such a beautiful concept and one that I think my grandma would have been amused to discover.

So all this to say, if you do happen to read this either by some weird accident of google, or because you are a friend either in real life or through the blogging connections feel free to say hi.  I would love to get to know you better!

*given my ability to not follow through, this could end up being the only entry

**I always love reading other people’s blogs, but on occasion I hate writing my own in that it feels like such a weird randomly narcissistic thing to do