way past my bedtime

December 21, 2008

I guess it isn’t too bad, cause I don’t have to work tomorrow.  However I will probably still try to get up to have breakfast with my housemates, so it will be a short night.  This is the second evening where I have ended up staying up till midnight after enjoying a Christmas party.  Last night I joined the girls in hosting a small party/cookie sampling/game night with around 12 friends or so.  We played a round of the name game, apples to apples and a two shorter games of mafia.  Then tonight we went over to Zach’s (Libby’s boyfriend) apartment for another Christmas party.  This one a little bit larger and full of more unknown folks.  Both parties were fun, but I always find it odd that while I end up getting tired at the party and therefore heading home, only to climb into bed and be so wide awake that I end up checking email and writing silly little blog posts for another hour.

Anyways tomorrow marks my first official non-work day of christmas break and I am pretty excited about it, although in typical fashion I already have more things to get done than I think will truly happen in one day.  Fortunately I have part of Tuesday still before I head to Goshen for 5 days of Christmas with the family.

Goodnight you all, sleep well!

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