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Lucky Platter reunion

December 20, 2008

Today Steph has been back in town for quick visit and it has been so lovely to catch up with her again.  We were able to spend a good portion of the day together, except for a meeting I had to attend.  So it felt like we were able to have a lot of those good conversations that really update you on a friend’s life, beyond just the customary “how are you?”, “fine, thanks.” kind of thing.

For supper, Jess, Becca, Steph and myself all went to Lucky Platter and I was struck by how many parts of our lives have changed since we all first moved to Evanston almost 2 1/2 years ago.  But despite the weddings, new apartments, new jobs, grad school, etc, there remains an incredible bond that connects us all to each other.  We are all such a large part of each others’ back story that it is not hard to imagine sharing this bond for the rest of our lives. As one often does in kind of reunion environment, much of our conversation involved remembering events from the past.  Some of those memories were about big fights we had with each other, or shared difficulties with boys, but we were all amazed by how many of those events that had seemed to so intense and life-changing at the time have not kept us from keeping our friendships strong.

And I am lucky enough to have that kind of bond, not just with those girls, but with many of my close friends near and far.  I am so blessed and to those of you reading this who have been those friends to me over the years, thank you!  I probably don’t tell you all enough, the way I value each one of you in my life, so just in case you were doubting it, I care about each of you so much.