welcome to the city, here have a horrible mishap!

December 16, 2008

This past weekend was a full one and rather extreme in ups and downs.  Friday night my good friend from college, Will, and his wife Keri arrived in Chicago and we enjoyed a good catch-up conversation before I went to bed and they went to the airport to pick up Keri’s brother.  The brother arrived successfully and Saturday morning Jess joined us and we went downtown with the idea of entering the drawing for good cheap Wicked tickets.  The plan was then to wander the streets, etc, before Will, Keri and brother would head back to Goshen.  Will and I parked the car and then joined up with the rest at Borders where we all entered and breathlessly awaited the results.  Lo and Behold, Keri’s name was the second one pulled out of the hat!  Much excitement was had by all, because this would allow all three of them to attend the play for much cheaper then the soon closing Wicked tickets usually go for.  We then rushed off to lunch, had yummy pizza, more good conversation before we parted ways, Jess and I to head back to Evanston, and the rest to go to the show.  Happy that our friends had had such luck while visiting us, I was even more saddened by the phone call I got later that evening.

As Will and I were leaving the parking garage, he turned to me and was like, “Did I lock the car?”  I responded with a reassurance that he probably had and besides it was a parking garage, so he was probably fine.  He agreed and so we thought nothing much of it.  When they returned to their car after the show, it had indeed been unlocked, but it didn’t appear that any of their possessions were missing, so they headed back to town.  It was only after arriving the whole way home that Ian, Keri’s brother, realized that his laptop was missing out of his carrying case!

I have to say I felt/feel horrible about the whole thing.  There is nothing like giving a friend bad advice, while they are your guest in the big city, to really make one feel like a dunce.  Even though I know neither Will or I are at fault for the event, that doesn’t keep me from feeling guilty.  In fact most of my bad city experiences have been while either using other people’s vehicles or hosting people in the city.  For example getting swindled out of cash on the CTA (still one of the stupidest events of my life) while my good friend Zeb was visiting, or waiting endlessly for not appearing CTA cars with my brother, or probably others, I don’t seem to have a good track record with showing folks around the city.  So while you are highly encouraged to visit, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!


  1. So we should come visit you, but probably shouldn’t bring any money, computers, keys, cars, etc. Ummm, how do we get there and what are we allowed to bring that will remain safe? Just out of curiosity 🙂

  2. well, my luck isn’t all that good with people who already live here!
    I mean, Dan totaled his car on his way to pick me up for a party. At my exit off 94. And he had been debating going to the party all night, decides to go and give me a ride since I had asked earlier on. Then boom.
    I felt great about that one. Luckily he’s okay.

  3. Agreed. Also one of the stupidest moments of my life. But we did get our stupidity out of the way before we were in another country, so that was good, eh?

  4. Crystal – um try flying and maybe just an extra pillow, although I can’t really make any promises about those too 🙂
    Erini – Guilt, even when misplaced, can be quite a killer, I totally know how you feel
    Treebeard – Yes indeed, I have to say we seemed to prove ourselves much better when outside the US.

  5. What happened on the CTA?

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