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December 9, 2008

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Age 11 – The year is 1994, I enter 5th grade at my first ever public school.  Fortunately this turns out to be a non-scaring experience due in part to my excitement of having more than 13 classmates.  During this year I learn about a new social concept when, near the end of school, our teacher apologizes for his lack of focus for the past few months and states  he is getting a divorce.

Age 12 – For the first time, I have someone at school who have a strong dislike for.  Her name is Shanda and she annoys me in almost every possible way.  She unfortunately seems to like me, or at least she likes my friends, which I find very frustrating.  It is only after we lose touch in junior high, that I realize my dislike for her is based in part on her faults being similar to my own.

It is also this year that I complete the Best School Project Ever by building a replica of a castle.  I get very excited about the project and my dad dumpster dives large cardboard boxes as material and my mom helps me spray paint the whole thing grey.  However upon bringing the larger-than-a-table model to school, I am surprised that other people made theirs out of marshmallows and Legos.  I get over this small embarrassment by burning the castle in the back yard with my brothers.  Take that small-size thinkers!

Age 13 – I find junior high to be a rather fascinating social experiment, so much so that I spend several evenings diagramming the social order of the school cafeteria.  I include the popular table, the jock table and label mine the “social accepted but still complete misfit table”.  It isn’t until years later that I realize how lucky I was to have that small group of other misfit girls to cushion me from the social wars being waged around us.

Age 14 – I buy my first pair of “cool” jeans.  They have flair legs which my Mom finds amusingly like the bell bottoms of her youth.  I pair them with a green multicolored velor shirt and blue corduroy jacket and feel stylish for the first time in my life.

Age 15 – After deciding to attend private high school with my best friend from church, I am surprised at the level of dismay expressed by my friends from 8th grade.  I had no idea they had liked me as much as they did, but despite this I decide to stick with the plan of private school.  This also means that Becca and I begin our 8 year stretch of attending the same school, which we followed up with 2 years of living together post college.  But it should be noted that the true record lies with Laurel who I attended junior high, high school and college with, which makes her my bestest school friend ever!  We should totally get matching trapper keepers!