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end of classes and new boots*

December 8, 2008

It is very odd to sitting here on a Monday morning and not be feeling annoyed to be awake and functioning.  Not that I hate my job, its just that Monday mornings are generally not my favorite time of the week because the mark the beginning of my long 4 day stretch of business.  However today is different, because while I still have all my usual evening commitments this week, this is the last week of classes!  So instead of spending my day working and getting classwork done I have a chance to relax, which feels so nice after the continual cloud of upcoming assignments that hovered over me for the past 3 months.  Granted I still have to read over my take-home exam and make sure that I put my commas in the right place and created read-able sentences.  But after that I only have to BS my way through my final final exam on Wednesday and then I am free from classes for the next month!

So hopefully next weekend** instead of reporting that I spent most of my hours hunched over my laptop typing away at a dreadful take-home exam, I will instead be able to tell you stories about movie nights, games and baking Christmas cookies.

* Wow, that title alone encapsulates just how exciting my life truly is!

**Although it should be noted that I along with my take-home exam I successfully purchased a pair of winter boots.  While they are great and totally fit my requirements (fit my large calves, waterproof, warm, good traction, allow me to tuck in my jeans without looking stupid, and some semblance of style) they also cost more than any other item in my wardrobe.  But I feel like when it comes to having a pair of quality boots to protect one’s feets from the worst of Chicago winters, it is worth spending the money.  And hopefully these will last me for the next 5 to 6 years if not longer.  Okay fine, here is a picture of them.

I should note that obviously Rini's obsession with faux fur is rubbing off on me.

I should note that obviously Rini's obsession with faux fur is rubbing off on me.