unintentionally brilliant

November 1, 2008

wearing your “ninjas and pirates agree: cowboys suck” shirt to your church’s barn dance.


  1. I think the t-shirt sounds great! LOL But I have to ask…and this is going to sound really stupid….do you mean *actual* cowboys or the DALLAS Cowboys?

    Also – did you vote? Looks, from your posts, you are an Obama supporter? Or did I get that wrong?

    I’m VERY excited as I’m watching the election as I’m Obama all the way! I think I might cry at some point tonight. Tears of joy is what I’m thinking…

  2. Salena – Yes you are correct I voted for Obama and I was there in Grant Park to hear his acceptance speech, it was an amazing evening. And yes indeed I meant the actual cowboys not the dallas ones 🙂

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