I just gave and so should you

October 21, 2008

For those out there who a) don’t know b) live in Canada c) live in Indonesia, this election season is big stuff around here.  People all over are getting involved in a variety of ways.  One of my co-workers makes buttons at the local Obama office, another teacher I know travels to Wisconsin on the weekends to get out the vote and people from all over are making donations and caring.  Which I have to say is pretty awesome to see.  Yesterday I got an email from my dad announcing that he has broken his 56 year habit of not donating to presidential campaigns and gave $86 bucks (see comments) to Obama.

I was so inspired I followed suit (but not as much because I am neither that old or that having-the-money right now) and I also donated money to the Human Rights Campaign (a pretty awesome organization that fights for the rights of all regardless of sexual orientation).  This past year California did a wonderful thing and legalized same sex marriage, which was beautiful, inspiring and long overdue.  Some really cool people I knew from college got married and lots of other happy couples around the nation.  But unfortunately a little thing called Proposition 8 is threatening that.

So without further ado, go! Yes, go right now over to HRC (or your other favorite advocating organization) and donate.  Maybe only 5 bucks or your leftover lunch money or your entire 10,000 dollar inheritance, but just go and give a little.  Maybe it will be your 5.73 that makes the difference and preserves the right for people in California to be awesome with whoever they want.

Looky Daddy is another one of those wonderful parent blogs and he recently created this and other posters to help build awareness about Proposition 8

Now is the time to donate. Let your support be known.


  1. $86?

  2. You didn’t read my comment that went with the plea carefully. I said I gave a $25 donation that would pull down the $86 average donation to Obama campaign. To me the significance of the money Obama is raising is the large number of donors and the low average donation.

  3. Ah, I see, I did in fact go back and reread the email and yes I think I misread that. But either way the Obama campaign did indeed get some of my money and less then $86 so I brought down that average. 🙂

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