kinda belated, somewhat bashful birthday list

October 2, 2008

So I have had some requests to produce a list of things that would be cool to receive for my birthday. Now birthday lists can quickly kinda get out of control and so I should probably emphasize that no one should feel ANY obligation to get me something for my birthday.  I tend to feel like I have too many things most of the time anyways, so definitely don’t get me a present out of obligation.  However should you have a burning desire to spend your well earned cash on me, here are a few things I think are neat.

Amazon wish list (This list mainly consist of a new water bottle, books by people who write blogs that I absolutely love, and the remaining Sandman books that I haven’t purchased yet)

The Simply in Season cook book (I really can’t believe I don’t own this one already, just last week I had to steal Becca’s copy to make Butternut Bisque soup, oh and I don’t have Extending the Table either) (UPDATE: Thanks apartment girls!)

– A big pretty plant holder from Ten Thousand Villages (I really, really need to repot my odd looking pinapple like plant that Meryl bought for me in college at the local Wal-Mart.  The thing has gotten immense!)

One comment

  1. That seems like a very modest wish list. I hope that they all materialise! My current desire, since I stayed in a hotel in Glasgow in August, is for a very high thread-count Egyptian cotton sheet (just one, please). I must remember to raise the subject, casually but repeatedly, with my daughters. I never wish for cookbooks, as I don’t think they would compensate for my natural lack of talent, nor plant-holders, given that my thumbs rather less than green. You are lucky!

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