Best Moment at Work Ever!

October 2, 2008

Today in a mild confusion, I reprimanded a student (who I thought was actually supposed to be in class) for not working.  I tried to do it nicely, basically pulling a guilt trip by saying, “what would you be doing if your teacher was in this library?”  But of course a few minutes later I find out that these two students were not actually with the class in the other library and therefore were just here on a free period.  So I went over the students and apologized, informing them that I had thought they were actually with a class.  But then instead of brushing me off, acting annoyed, etc, the student actually THANKED me for the reprimand, saying “oh I should have been doing this homework anyways!”

Dear Lord, I think I have died and gone to heaven.


  1. Gotta love those happy kid moments. Oh- and happy birthday! (Mennogirl? Check.)

  2. ahem.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (belated.)

  3. No birthday post?! I was expecting one. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to study instead of reading a great birthday blog 😦

    Hope you had a great one though!!

  4. Student responses remain memorable. In my first year of teaching, one student once commented that the lesson we had just had was the best one for that subject (she became a teacher too!), but two really great moments for me were when on separate occasions a boy suddenly began singing in class: “Hearts of Oak” during a history lesson in 1980, and “Tommorow” from “Annie” during a lesson on “Cabaret” in 2002! Yes, the songs were relevant! Conversely, needless to say, there have been less delightful moments too….

  5. Ha! That is quite funny.

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