Just in case

September 15, 2008

you aren’t reading my older brother Tim’s blog at the Mennonite, go do that now! In his most recent piece Tim talks about the role of light and shadow in photography and showcases just a few of the absolutely amazing pictures he has taken over the last few years.  Plus if you want the whole set go check it out on flickr and then prepare to spend the next half an hour favoriting every single one.  Among many things Tim’s pictures are proof that big fancy cameras are not needed to take great pictures.  Tim’s camera (the slightly newer version of my old camera that broke) fits in his wallet and yet is able to capture beautiful images.  While I do love my SLR, I do find myself wishing at times that it was just a little smaller, both for ease of transportation and for a less obvious method of photographing events.

Anyways here are two of my favorites from Tim’s great collection!

Morning light across the table, originally uploaded by mennonot.
Waiting at Cumberland station, originally uploaded by mennonot.

Morning droplets, originally uploaded by mennonot.

Okay I lied, my favorite three.

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