so many words

September 4, 2008

It has been raining all day.   I don’t mean intermittent little showers, but plain ole all day soak the earth till it can’t drink no more rain kind of pouring.  If I was my dad right now I would probably provide you with a link to some weather page which would inform you that this is evidence of Gustav or whatever tropical storm is blowing off steam.  But I am me, so I will instead tell you that it was kinda nice to have the rain around today.  Usually I am more of a partly cloudy, mostly sunny kinda girl, but today the rain was good.  And it is making a rather perfect accompaniment to the Bon Iver music that I am listening too.

I don’t think tomorrow should be friday, it should be saturday.  But because I can’t make it so, I will instead be grateful for this little half an hour of time in which it is too early to be thinking about homework for next week, too early to be going to sleep, too late to be making plans with friends, too dark and rainy for going on a walk, so really perfect for cuddling up with my little laptop and blogging.

I could write about classes (they are going fine, thanks for your kind wishes) or work (also going fine, better now than a week ago), but instead I will just say that today at work there was duck walking around on the roof outside the library windows.  He quacked rather persistently while walking amid the puddles and I don’t know if he was looking for someone or just boasting about his great feat of landing maneuvers.  So at least in all of the rain and transition that is making me rather wordy and melancholy today, I got to watch a quacking roof duck.



  1. But how do you know it was a real roof duck, and not just a quack?

    Sorry. That was really bad.

  2. Hahahaha! I love it…

  3. (and I mean both the duck and David’s comment about the duck)

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