Younger Abby vs. Today’s Abby

August 25, 2008

Things younger Abby wouldn’t have imagined possible:
– That I would willing wake up at 6:45am every day during my last week of summer vacation just to have breakfast
– That I would so thoroughly be enjoying living with a house in which two people could be my grandparents and one could almost be my mother
– That I would be keeping a fairly neat room (i.e. one in which the carpet is more than 80% visible at all times)*

Things younger Abby would totally have predicted:
– That last evening I spent the evening playing dominoes with my house and having a grand time
– That part of what makes getting up for breakfast worth it is the long discussions about various books we like and entertainers from before I was born
– That having one’s own lovely room (with south and west facing windows!) makes me really happy.

*The thanks for this goes almost entirely to my Mom, who when she found out I was moving volunteered to come up and help me. In the space of two days she helped me pack, move and unpacked. This resulted in by far the most organized move I have ever done and an actually complete unpacking. Did I mention she also cleaned my new room, giving it the shiniest look it will probably ever have?


One comment

  1. I’m in a new living situation (a residence, currently doing training with just the other dons (like an RA), no students) and I love connecting with the same group of people every day. It feels really new and great.

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