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August 7, 2008

When one utilizes one’s option to not blog for a few weeks, one is often faced with the conundrum of what to say when one finally does blog again. I mean I could just right a snappy little post about how much I like Tara’s dog (who I am currently visiting in Denver), or about how I love learning about new music from my younger brother (go watch this). But you see a bunch of cool stuff has happened since I last wrote, like a family reunion, a wedding, a move, etc, so I guess I will do my best to update you with the least amount of blathering.

The family reunion in Lancaster was a fun filled time of lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, cousin babies and one grandma. At first the reunion was a little different in that several of my closest cousins in age weren’t there (at least at first) and so I found myself spending more time with those younger than myself. This made me feel more like the older aunt, which while a very pleasant role to play also emphasized this whole becoming an adult thing. Gone are the days of running around with the crowd of young cousins, peanut scrambles with grandma, staying up late with Laura and Emily chatting about this and that and everything. But while I miss those days, I also welcome the new phase of relating to aunts and uncles as peers, taking young cousin babies under my wing, playing with Laura’s beautiful Lillie, and watching the continuation of cousin bonding extend to a new generation.

Plus while we were in the area we visited my dad’s mom and ran into one of my cousins who is back in the states doing some nursing work (she and her family usually live in Malawi doing mission work). And seeing as my Dad had neglected to inform us of the possibility of seeing her it was a complete surprise and very pleasant chance to catch up a little with her.

After returning from PA, my Mom did me the huge favor of returning with me to Chicago to help me deal with my 250 ft move. Which I must say thanks to her was by far the most organized move of my life, within 48 hours we had my things packed, moved (this part took only 1 1/2 hours, thanks to 9 very helpful neighborhood folks) and unpacked once more. While I still have a few things to get settled in and organized, I feel very much at home and really love my new room. It has two windows (south and west facing), a fireplace (not working, but oh so pretty) and a lovely very slight blue tint to the walls. However I was only moved in for barely 2 days before I headed back to Goshen for a wedding.

I was honored to be a reader at Zeb and Sarah’s wedding, which took place on almost the exact spot that Tim and Charletta’s had almost 2 years ago. A lovely setting for a wedding, with lake, trees and sun all present and accounted for, it was a beautiful ceremony and one of the loveliest processionals I have seen at a wedding. It consisted of the bride and her attendants walking down one aisle singing an arrangement of Sweet Honey in the Rock’s “We are” and walking down the other aisle was the groom and his attendants playing egg shakers. Another great side effect to attending an old friend’s wedding is you get to reconnect with lots of other old friends and this was definitely true at Zeb’s wedding and then throw in watching one of your oldest friends look happier than he ever has and it adds up to a pretty great weekend.

After the wedding it was back up to Chicago for a few blinks of the eye, a load of laundry and a 4:30am wake up call in order to catch Tara and I’s flight back to Denver where I have been hanging out for the past 3 days.  During which I have caught up on my laziness by watching several episodes of Friday Night Lights, taking Tara’s dog Kona on walks, hanging out at the Tattered Cover in Denver and yesterday driving up to the mountains with Tara for some gorgeous views, twisty turns, and blueberry snacking.  We also have cooked two amazing dinners and played several rounds of Wii boxing in which I was completely obliterated by Tara.  Tomorrow morning I head out on another early morning flight to join up with Jess and Becca to visit Meryl, Katie, David and the rest of the seattle gang.

While this whole vacation thing has been/is great there is some appeal to heading back to Chicago in a week’s time and finally adjusting back to normal life just in time to start work and classes at the end of August.


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  1. If you are still in Denver and interested in meeting up, shoot me an email Abby!


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