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reason Abby is a dork #187

July 20, 2008

The one upside to packing is that it does give one an excuse to look through all the random things that I have deemed worthy of saving over the years. As much as I hate “stuff” I have a strong streak of packrat and therefore every move ends up being a battle between the two. This afternoon, Jess sat down with me and we sorted through several boxes that hadn’t been unpacked since my move a year ago (which says a lot for the usefulness of their contents). Along with pictures from high school banquets, family vacations and the blurry results of my first roll of film taken on the pink vivatar I got for christmas one year I discovered my box of special treasures.

Started at a wee age, this box was supposed to be full of special treasures that I would save until I became an adult. Each item would have a special significance and bring back memories, I would probably treasure it for years and maybe even eventually pass it on to my children. However upon examining its contents, I must say I was indeed a very strange child.

Contents of Abby’s box of treasures:
one canoe like structure made out of gold foil
one plastic medalion from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
one mini multi-colored slinky
one swimmer registration card from 1995 stating my membership in the Concord Clippers Swim Team
one gummy ball man who at one point may have had the ability to stick to walls
one gold heart pendant missing chain
one plastic medal of unknown origins possibly discovered along the road
one bead bracelet
two beaded necklaces
one plastic necklace which I am pretty sure I chewed on as a child
one plastic prism
one heart shaped rock
one small oval box filled with little stick figures
two balls of wax (one plain and one rolled in broken crayons)

See more normal children collected pretty cards, pins, shells, animals, etc. For example, Jess let me see the box that she has kept since childhood, note the difference.

The two other great finds of the afternoon was this picture of me from elementary school (sometime after second grade, due to my glasses):

Pardon the crappy picture, but seeing as my nice camera is currently on loan and I have no scanner, this is the best I can do. It should be noted the elastic waist jeans sitting well above my belly button, the large glasses, striped shirt, and braided hair. I think what really adds to this picture is the random boy jumping into the picture and my steadfast refusal to acknowledge him. I think this picture really demonstrates the nature of my school years.

The other find I can’t really demonstrate seeing as it an audio experience. We found a cassette tape labeled “Abby’s Everything Tape”, so of course I immediately played it. Turns out in typical 90s manner I had attempted to tape some songs off the radio, however instead of actually taping individual songs I managed to tape 40 sold minutes of the best of U93 pop music. So Jess and I got the pleasure of hearing Backstreet Boys, Cher and Shania Twain and even some authentic radio commercials. All in all it was a very productive afternoon, although I have to admit my room looks way worse now then it did before, but I do have a few boxes packed up!