I moved the cat to write this entry*

July 19, 2008

Well you see, I noticed the other day that that little calender doohooky on my sidebar seems to be telling me I haven’t updated since June, which granted is pretty silly seeing as it almost through July. But what you can’t see is that I also have a whole bunch of half written saved drafts, although you probably don’t want to see them because in them I mainly write about television and why I haven’t been posting. And nothing says, “stop reading my blog” like yet another post about how you don’t post anymore.

Um well about that one, I don’t really have a good excuse, I guess I just dropped out of the habit. But for the sake of my future self who may, “wonder what on earth was I doing back in July of 08?” here is a brief summary.

First week of July – I went to the beach with Erini and her family, it was amazing. Granted the beach was a day and a half drive away in North Carolina, but it was so worth it. We stayed in one of those condos where you walk down some stairs and over a ramp and there you are, BEACH! So basically I read books, played with Erini’s younger sisters, did half the suduko puzzles in Erini’s suduko book, worked on my tan (watched my freckles connect), swam a lot and wrote some postcards. Oh and I took these pictures.

Second week of July – Though an exciting turn of events which warrants its own post (which doesn’t mean that I actually will write it), I will be moving in 9 days. And no, this won’t be to the tattoo loft of my boyfriend Spike, as I may have informed some of my friends. It is instead to a household connected to the intentional community I have been connecting to for almost a year now. Basically I will share a large old (late 1800s) house with 5 other adults and eat meals together and get to know more of what it means to intentionally share ones life. It is a really exciting thing for me, also rather crazy and a bit sad, seeing as I am leaving a situation that I really love. And despite the house’s location just a few hundred feet away (actually one of the most annoying distances to move) from my current house, this will indeed change things. I will no longer be able to get advice on my outfits from Jess in the morning just by talking through the hole in my closet. I won’t be able to get annoyed at the kitty (she is staying with Jess) for waking me up at 5am, hold on, maybe I won’t miss that. I won’t be able to talk to Erini just by walking down a few steps and I will have less opportunities to indulge in Becca’s amazing suppers. But in the end I have every hope that I will follow the advice to “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

Third week of July – I did some kinda boring, kinda nerdily interesting work for a tech project at the school. I must have some odd connection to large surveys of various forms of jacks. The summer after my sophomore year of college I spent almost 3 months recording and labeling every light switch on campus and also pulling data wires. Now I am helping map and test each data jack in the school building. But thankfully I am being paid almost 2.5 times more now per hour.

Well that kinda updates you on my life, but in case you had any burning question related to this post, the answers are that our couch still smells weird even after spraying it with anti odor stuff; I resisted the urge to get my hair chopped, but only barely; we do have eggs now; I don’t think the boy and I have any non-friend future and it is driving me just a little bit crazy; and I still have seen the rifle range and it really was creepy.

*She likes to cuddle when its hot, or more aptly likes to sit on what you are doing (in this case my typing hands)


One comment

  1. Wow. Big stuff happening.

    I like posts about TV.

    But everything else is good too.

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