what is going on in my life according to gchat with tara

June 26, 2008

10:15 AM Tara: so anywayhow is my absey mariei haven’t heard much about your life recentlyother than summer break and helping with steph’s wedding

10:18 AMme: hmmm, well life is good, for the most part, on the random info list, our couch smells like our cat (on her worst days) and I don’t know what to do about it. I am debating a big hair cut (mainly because it is summer and I am getting tired of ponytails), we are currently out of eggs (which was annoying this morning when I tried to make myself pancakes), I am getting to know a boy (so far only in the friends way, and I don’t know entirely what to think about it, I both want to make it into a big deal and completely ignore it), and yesterday I got to see the creepy basement of the high school including the old rifle range under the school used during world war 2


  1. I hope that the new boy turns out well, either as a friend or more. Anyway, it is just nice when one appears and makes the summer really special.

  2. […] that kinda updates you on my life, but in case you had any burning question related to this post, the answers are that our couch still smells weird even after spraying it with anti odor stuff; I […]

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