trying new things with my hair (for Jess)

June 26, 2008

I look like Micky Mouse, or hopefully maybe Minnie

I like ribbon, so sue me!

P.S. Tonight I flee the city with Lane K and her family to spend a week on the beach of North Carolina. Updates may or (more likely) may not occur, but trust me there will be pictures. Wish me luck and lots of sunscreen!



  1. 🙂 I like. Though I would go with a dark ribbon.

  2. very very very pretty.

    yay vacation!

  3. The bunches are very cute! I wish that ribbons would seriously come back into fashion.

  4. at first glance i thought the title of this was “trying new things with my hair (for jesus)”

    i think jesus would be pleased.

  5. megan – seriously I think I spit something out of my mouth after reading your comment, I am indeed always glad to please the lord
    mirabella – yeah ribbons and jane austen dresses, I keep hoping for them both

  6. I like your hair bunches! They look really cute.

    Hamlet lives in a cage when I’m not home and gets free range when I am. He’s completely littler-trained (came that way, soo useful) so he’s pretty clean. I would let him roam free all the time but he really enjoys chewing electrical cords and the furniture and I don’t want him to hurt himself or destroy my place.

    Hope you had fun in NC!

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