summer is here, strike up the band

June 17, 2008

Yesterday was my first official day of summer (who cares if it doesn’t actually start for another 4 days). I slept in to the respectable time of 8am and went about my day. I dropped off Becca’s poor unlucky car, took the L back to Evanston and walked to the library, bought a yummy muffaleta sandwich at Becca’s bakery before walking home. There I ran into a friend who came and chatted with me on the back porch for a bit before I went to see her new piano. From there I biked over to the garden and picked some mint, took it home and made meadow tea and a dish for potluck. Where we sat in the back yard under the trees.  Then it was on to a co-op meeting and back home before an early bed time.

As I walked and biked along yesterday I was reminded of how much I miss having a more active lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love some good quality couch potato time, but the simple acts of biking, walking and just being outside and moving emphasized how life in the real world has become a lot more sitting and staring at computers for me.  Intentional timed exercise has never been an easy part of my life, the concept of walking/running only to get my heart rate up and muscles moving appeals much less then activity that just fits into my life.  Probably one of my favorite summers (and my most in shape summer) was when I worked at a day camp in N. Ireland.  I didn’t once go “running” or “walking” the entire summer, but just doing my job of leading a pack of little kids throughout the day meant that I was rarely immobile (This also demonstrated for me the appeal of Ireland’s national food.  After a hard rainy morning spent leading kids up cold water creaks or over low-ropes courses, nothing tastes quite as a good jacket potato.)  So while I don’t want to use such a strong word as “goal” in the season of beach reads, iced tea, strawberries and sun burns, I do hope to enjoy of this active lifestyle.

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  1. Sounds like an idyllic summer day. I’ve always been a fan of incorporating activity into one’s daily routine. Recently though I’ve found that exercise for the sake of exercise isn’t too bad if I can do it with other people.

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