somewhere over the rainbow

June 3, 2008

The song of the day just came on over the speakers and call me a sap with an occasionally overly romantic taste in music, but I love this song.  Something about the light tenor voice of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and the light strumming ukulele instantly brightens my day.  If I had the capability I would try to provide a copy of this song so you all could listen to it, but believe me it is worth heading over to iTunes or Amazon and giving the song a listen.



  1. This was the Friday song of my senior year, and I loved it. Man that song takes me back…

  2. I love that song, too. .. in fact that whole album is great (Facing Future.)

  3. It is right here for your download pleasure: http://dukeofstraw.com/lost/Rainbow.mp3

  4. Jess – I forgot that you might have had that as your senior song.
    Queenie – I thought you might have heard it before, seeing as Israel is (or so the Internet tells me) the Bob Marley of Hawaii 🙂
    smd – Thanks so much, everyone should now go listen to it!

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