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trying new things with my hair (for Jess)

June 26, 2008

I look like Micky Mouse, or hopefully maybe Minnie

I like ribbon, so sue me!

P.S. Tonight I flee the city with Lane K and her family to spend a week on the beach of North Carolina. Updates may or (more likely) may not occur, but trust me there will be pictures. Wish me luck and lots of sunscreen!


what is going on in my life according to gchat with tara

June 26, 2008

10:15 AM Tara: so anywayhow is my absey mariei haven’t heard much about your life recentlyother than summer break and helping with steph’s wedding

10:18 AMme: hmmm, well life is good, for the most part, on the random info list, our couch smells like our cat (on her worst days) and I don’t know what to do about it. I am debating a big hair cut (mainly because it is summer and I am getting tired of ponytails), we are currently out of eggs (which was annoying this morning when I tried to make myself pancakes), I am getting to know a boy (so far only in the friends way, and I don’t know entirely what to think about it, I both want to make it into a big deal and completely ignore it), and yesterday I got to see the creepy basement of the high school including the old rifle range under the school used during world war 2

summer is here, strike up the band

June 17, 2008

Yesterday was my first official day of summer (who cares if it doesn’t actually start for another 4 days). I slept in to the respectable time of 8am and went about my day. I dropped off Becca’s poor unlucky car, took the L back to Evanston and walked to the library, bought a yummy muffaleta sandwich at Becca’s bakery before walking home. There I ran into a friend who came and chatted with me on the back porch for a bit before I went to see her new piano. From there I biked over to the garden and picked some mint, took it home and made meadow tea and a dish for potluck. Where we sat in the back yard under the trees.  Then it was on to a co-op meeting and back home before an early bed time.

As I walked and biked along yesterday I was reminded of how much I miss having a more active lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love some good quality couch potato time, but the simple acts of biking, walking and just being outside and moving emphasized how life in the real world has become a lot more sitting and staring at computers for me.  Intentional timed exercise has never been an easy part of my life, the concept of walking/running only to get my heart rate up and muscles moving appeals much less then activity that just fits into my life.  Probably one of my favorite summers (and my most in shape summer) was when I worked at a day camp in N. Ireland.  I didn’t once go “running” or “walking” the entire summer, but just doing my job of leading a pack of little kids throughout the day meant that I was rarely immobile (This also demonstrated for me the appeal of Ireland’s national food.  After a hard rainy morning spent leading kids up cold water creaks or over low-ropes courses, nothing tastes quite as a good jacket potato.)  So while I don’t want to use such a strong word as “goal” in the season of beach reads, iced tea, strawberries and sun burns, I do hope to enjoy of this active lifestyle.


8am on a sunday morning

June 15, 2008

I am sitting here on my bed with a purring cat curled on my foot with rain pounding the windows.  I have been on and off awake since around 5:30am, despite a close to midnight bedtime.  For the first few hours of unsought awareness, I tossed over and over again trying to find the magical combination of covers on, feet out comfort with which to return back to sleep.  But eventually the gray color of the sky and ever increasing wind caught my eye and I realized I should probably attend to my back porch herb garden.  I think there is something so basic about the nature of rescue, that even when ones’ only grateful recipients are wounded chives, broad leaved basil shoots and a newly repotted clump of spearmint, the slight adrenaline rush is enough to ensure I won’t be getting back to sleep anytime soon.


quick note and a big wedding

June 6, 2008

For those of you who don’t allready know one of my dearest friends, Steph (aka ladyingreen), is getting married this Saturday evening and I am indeed back in Goshen helping with all the last minute prep work.  That means mainly that I won’t probably be blogging for a few days (but hey I do that even when I don’t have a good excuse) and that come early next week I will have lots of wedding pictures.  But more importantly it also means I have to come up with a good maid of honor toast for the reception, which actually has me wigging out just a little bit.  Yet in the end, the really important thing is that Steph is signing up for a lifetime of hanging out with a pretty cool guy who happens to love her a lot, and that my friends is the really important thing.

See you all Monday/Tuesday!


somewhere over the rainbow

June 3, 2008

The song of the day just came on over the speakers and call me a sap with an occasionally overly romantic taste in music, but I love this song.  Something about the light tenor voice of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and the light strumming ukulele instantly brightens my day.  If I had the capability I would try to provide a copy of this song so you all could listen to it, but believe me it is worth heading over to iTunes or Amazon and giving the song a listen.


some of my favorite people

June 2, 2008

I figured after that “love” fest and all the oogling of the males I should also include a list of my favorite actors/performers of the female persuasion. So while this list is less of the hubbahubba and more of the gush gush gush (which totally made me think of GusGus from Cinderellie!), I hope it alleviates any of your fears that I am too boy crazy 🙂

UPDATE: Apparently this list ended up taking way more time than I anticipated, considering I started writing it last week. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the list will be a profound or particularly well written one 🙂 It has more to do with the fact that I kept flip flopping on my choices.

5. Anya Jenkins aka Emma Caufield – Oh Anya, the fun, sarcastic, terribly direct, ex demon, Xander (who I can’t believe I left off my one true loves list!)loving character who manages to continually annoy her fellow Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and also endear the audience. Portrayed with brilliant comic timing and a razor sharp wit, Anya even holds her own in the famous musical episode despite her pretty blatant lack of singing talent. But most of all Anya is such a great character because she says the things the everyone is thinking but is too polite to mention.

4. Emma Thompson – I probably saw Emma for the first time in the movie Sense and Sensibility and immediately I fell in love with her careful and exquisite portrayal of a sister so caught up in her responsibilities for others that she can’t allow her self to express her love. And as impressive as her performance in that movie (despite being over a decade too old for the part), I was surprised to learn that she also helped adapt the screenplay and produced the movie. She has played wonderful characters in Love Actually, Harry Potter, Wit, many others and most importantly she was incredible as Beatrice in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. Also as a crazy side note, apparently Emma ended up marrying the actor who played Mr. Willoughby, so crazy! See…

I think they make a pretty good looking couple

3. Marketa Irglova – Hopefully by now you have seen the great little gem of a movie from 2007, Once. If you have you know exactly what I mean when I say Marketa is one of my favorite people. Be it her voice, her stage presence or her incredibly articulate acceptance speech at the Oscars, Marketa wows in all catagories. Along with producing such amazing songs as The Hill and If You Want Me, Marketa also gets to snog Glen Hansard and that makes her one lucky gal.

2. Bonnie Hunt – From the first movie I saw her in (Beethoven, the movie based mainly on the fact that St. Benards drool a lot), I always thought Bonnie hunt would make such a fun aunt/older sister. Bonnie bring such a high level of fun and even a knowing wink to her roles. While she hasn’t always chosen the best movies, when she gets one right she hits it out of the park. For example the movie Return to Me (a small rom/com that is several steps above most movies in its genre) succeeds in part because of her brilliant role as the best friend. Also it should be noted that not only did she act in this movie but she directed and wrote it, talk about a busy woman!

plus Bonnie was born in Chicago!

1. CJ Cregg (aka Allison Janney) – Yes citing another character from West Wing is a good indication what my favorite all time TV show is, but seriously folks have you seen it? Because if you haven’t you are really missing out (I think both my parents would agree with me on this one, they watched all 7 seasons too (in fact they finished them before I did)). But enough about the show, who I am really talking about is CJ. She is truly one of the pillars of this show. From her start as a less then confident or politically knowledgeable press secretary, she evolves into a formidable/knowledgeable and completely in control White House Chief of Staff. Yet during all of this she looses none of her humanity, humor or humility. She also holds her own in an almost entirely male driven cast, trading both barbs and in rare cases flirting quips with all the boys. She walks the difficult line, often drawn for women in power, with both determination and grace. Oh and if that isn’t enough she has one of the most infectious and joyful laughs in Hollywood.

not the greatest picture of her, but it is CJ, so that is enough