creaks in my back

May 19, 2008

Wisely – Last night I took a shower before bed because I knew that waking up before 7am this morning would be near impossible.

Unwisely – In a half hearted attempt to get the back of my hair to look less like straight clumps of blondish brown in the morning I braided the back section before going to sleep.

Result – I woke up at 7am only to realize that the back of my hair was still damp and decidedly not curly/wavy and my neck ached from sleeping in the slightly odd position.

Tangential Reminder – Note to self, four mornings of waking up late should really clue you in on the fact that your alarm clock really is truly broken.

The Silver Lining – The lack of buzzers has allowed me to remember blurred bits of my dreams, causing me to ponder the consequences of marrying Eddie Izzard and the long term results of continual chocolate pudding consumption.

Bad News from the Seed front – Only three out of the six plants remain of the brave morning glories and sweat peas that attempted to decorate our back porch, also defeated include the miserable parsley seeds which failed to produce any germination and the sad mint of which only one small small seed managed to make its way out of the soil.

Good News – Apparently dill can recover from a weekend without water, all they need is, guess this! more water, crazy eh?

Question for the Audience – How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Do you know the hymn The Day You Gave Us (number 652 in the blue hymnal), if so do you like it?



  1. Answers – Busy but good. I went to a cheese festival, watched the Norwegian Constitution Day parade, and preached. Yes (from the same small group you must know it from, it turns out). One of my favorites.

  2. Hi menogirl. This post made me laugh.

    Perhaps there is a gentler way to germinate the seeds before planting them. Maybe by putting empty (cut in half) pet bottles upside down over them to keep warmth and moisture in…?

    My weekend was bizarre. Early morning finishes on both friday and sat nights. Friday I have already written about and sat I went with a large group of friends in a bus to a party over an hour away. The party was for triplets who are now 46. I hadn’t met my friends triplet sisters before, and was spun out to realise there were two other identically looking and sounding people in the world like her. The reality of it blew me away. We drank on the bus and played air guitar in the aisles on the way back to Sweet songs.

  3. i watched the 6 hour pride and prejudice with my cousin!

    watching colin firth always makes for a good weekend.

  4. Mine was good. (but you know that.)
    Chicago Green Festival. Billy Goat Tavern. Shopping. tiny tiny bit of cleaning, some movie watching, and then chinese food.

    but now I’m slightly jealous of David and his cheese festival.
    I thought those only happened in Wisconsin.
    We should find one.

  5. Bindi – I am always glad to provide a laugh and I must say your weekend does sound both bizarre and like a lot of fun. And I am sure meeting identical triplets would indeed make me double take too!
    Megan – Woo, for colin firth and pride and prejudice, that does indeed a good weekend make
    lane – I totally agree, here’s to scouting for cheese!
    David – I figured you would appreciate it if I replied to your comment on your blog 🙂

  6. 1.My weekend was both good and bad (writing about the bad part now), but the best part was getting to spend more time with my cousin who has been in town.

    2. Spent Saturday in the ER, spent Sunday walking around town, showing my cousin around, and spent a few hours walking around the botanical gardens, then had some friends over for dinner.

    3. No.

    Sorry about your seeds! Events have conspired against us putting in our veggies so far this year, but we are going to do it this week!

  7. I want some of that cheese too.

    My weekend consisted of studying. Today consisted of taking the first part of the CPA exam. woo.

    Next weekend will consist of Memorial Day parties! Yay!

  8. Hi-
    I came across your blog today and thought I’d say hi. I have tried braiding my hair before bed as well (I had heard rumors that you could wake up to beautiful wavy hair) but I had the same luck as you did. Most of my hair was still wet and definitely not pretty. Oh well! Must try to wake up earlier from now on!

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