why I like my shoes today

May 8, 2008

Today I am wearing my newly rediscovered favorite pair of sandals.  I bought them back in my junior year of high school to go with the dress that my Mother helped me sew.  It was cotton red dress with a black ivy pattern, empire waist with narrow straps and it came the whole way down to the floor.  I thought it was beautiful (and I still do today) and to go with it I found these cheap flat sandals.  However these sandals were not your ordinary big box store cheapos, the straps were made of leather and consisted of one long strap that adjusted to your feet.  So I wore these to the dance banquet, to which an actual boy asked me and I danced my first slow dance (much more of the highly awkward variety than the movie montage romance kind).

Then back into my closet went the sandals, until freshman year of college when I need to find footwear to go with my elven princess costume, yes you heard me right, I dressed up like an elven princess.  The best part is, this wasn’t for Halloween, no siriebob, this was for the midnight premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  So out I went in my modified princess dress, green cloak, glitter make-up and necklace draped forehead along with 3 other lovely crazy women who I persuaded into attending.  Oddly enough we ended up at the theatre where people weren’t nerdy enough to dress up, so when a newspaper reporter turned up to photograph the nerds, we were the chosen target.  I think I still have that newspaper clipping somewhere.

That night was also rather rainy, so I once again retired the shoes imagining them to ruined by the rain to be wearable, but low and behold after moving them up to Chicago with me (I might have a little bit of a pack-rat problem) I pulled them out of the shoe box and found them to be still in good shape.  So that is why today I am wearing my $20 bucks, 7 year old sandals and loving it.


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  1. dude, post a picture!

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