what up, GC!

May 6, 2008

So I have to say it is kinda of exciting to open up your big city newspaper in the morning and turn to the Tempo page and find your good ole’ alma mater staring you in the face. Yeah, I had heard about the whole GC on CNN thing and the huge attention being paid to the Indiana primary, but it feels like another level to have Mennonites and GC being the big news in Chicago. Crazy, eh?

It is such a Mennonite thing to be like, “oh I know them, I went to school with so and so, their older sibling.” And it is pretty cool to be able to show your collegues the big picture of a student in her dorm room and be like, “oh yeah I lived in a room like that.” (Um, okay so maybe that last bit is more of a dorky thing and less of the cool, but it still kinda makes my day).

In other news, spring is really finally here and making it pretty hard to be inside working at a computer for most of the day. However I really can’t complain because I work in a room that is 1/4 windows, so I do get a nice view of the sun and sky. But still at the end of the day when I walk out of the building into the sun, I always end up blinking like some blinded woodland animal in headlights. Also Becca and I did our first replanting of seedlings on Sunday. We only lost one little morning glory sprout in the move and both the sweatpeas and the remaining morning glory seem to be adjusting to their new home pretty well. I also started some more basil, rosemary, mint, chives and marjoram seeds because one can never have enough pesto, salad dressing, mint tea, omelets or stuff you put marjoram on.

I am officially in countdown mode at the job now, which in case you are wondering is 6 weeks. One of those weeks will be a 4 day week thanks to Memorial day and another week will be a 3 day week thanks to Steph’s wedding. So really summer is pretty much here and I am so excited about that. As most of you know last summer, I went off on a crazy continent spanning trip and was pretty much gone for the whole summer. Which was great and all, but I must say I have never been so excited about NOT having travel plans. Granted I do already have plans to spend a week on the beach in South (or North, I forget) Carolina with the Rini at the end of June and heading out to the West Coast for a while to visit with the Meryl and the Katie and the David (although he might not actually be there when I am), but other than that I plan on enjoying all the delights of summer in the city. Here is what I am excited about:

movies in grant park
sleeping in
helping out with various Reba projects
wearing skirts more
using the fresh herbs out of our porch garden
walking to the lake
checking more books of my reading list
making plans with fun people
sleeping with the window open
carillion (basically a bunch of bells) concerts at the Garden
riding my bike (and maybe getting buffer)
working in the community garden
(for another good example of summer lists, check out Elizabeth’s blog)


  1. Are you in Chicago? I love Chicago! I was there once for a school interview that went horribly horribly horribly wrong. But the pizza was the best ever! Like pie! Like actual pizza pie!

    Though not as good as kielke, which I will have to learn how to make one of these days. You have to find some. You should go see my grandma. Hers is the best ever. The whole meal is a heart attack on a plate. My favourite.

  2. I am indeed in Chicago and the pizza is the best, although recently I had a mad craving for the greasy pre-processed-lasts-over-a-week-in-your-fridge goodness that is Pizza Hut. Crazy how sometimes the foods from your childhood still appeal despite exposure to much better options.

    As for kielke, I did a little googling and found out they are Russian-Mennonite noodles, which do indeed sound lovely!

    Even if changing your name is too weird to do in real life you can always change it on the Internet. 🙂

  3. I heard that James Webber was also supposed to be in the Tempo section recently…
    but yeah, it is this weird trend of mennonites in the media… and GC seems to becoming a nice hub for that….

  4. http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/lifestyle/chi-0506goshenstudents_may06,0,4699476.story

    more GC kids! (and I meant Weber, not Webber… meh.)

  5. they certainly make mennonites look backwards in that trib piece!

  6. Russian mennonite noodles, with “schmaundfat” which I have no idea how to really spell, but is just cream gravy…

    And farmer sausage…

    As to the foods from childhood: it is so true. Sometimes you just need that specific taste, even though there are other, more “refined” options available. Like lipton chicken noodle soup, or kraft dinner (which is apparently a Canadian thing, y’all call it Kraft Macaroni and Cheese). (And I really do say y’all, sometimes. That is not a Canadian thing.)

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