bros before hose

April 21, 2008

It happens to be Monday morning once again folks and boy was I dreading it. While the weekend was lovely, it was also very full of events which led to much less laying around on my bum time than I usually like. This is also three weekends into my stretch of SEVEN busy weekends in a row. This weekend consisted of attending a movie night at a friends house on Friday (Meet the Robinsons, hilarious!) and a lovely guest, Libby. Then Saturday was spent going here (one resale store) and there (another resale store) buying furniture, during which I purchased both a desk (a classy roll-top made out of particle board) for the lovely price of 30 bucks. Jess and I also found chairs (we found after we had purchased them both that they were donated from the same house), mine is a corduroy white, and Jess’s is a velvet dusty orange. After which I decided I really did need to fix up the room in order to make space for these new lovely things, so Jess was a dear and helped me rearrange my room.

Sunday was filled with church, dinner with friends, time spent in the community garden, doing the compost run and then down to Roger’s park for a few hours with the brother (who I hadn’t seen in over a month) and wife.  But really the best part of the weekend had to be Jess finding her missing nylons in a random bag, causing her to exclaim, “I found my hose, I found my hose.” To which the only response can be, “What kinda pimp are you, losing your hose like that?”

(I know I am so lame, but seriously this is the kinda thing that makes me laugh)


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