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April 17, 2008

I am totally going to be one of those people who wakes up in their fifties completely bemused as to how I got there. For example today is Thursday, almost two weeks since the end of Spring Break and yet I could have sworn that all happened only yesterday. Another example would be how this is APRIL 17, officially more than halfway through the month and only 2 months away from the end of school.

This time warp effect on my life is probably due partially to the increase in plans. Yes folks, my life has gotten the point where I have to manage it in Google calender. In fact I am currently in email negotiations with Charletta to find a time to get together with her and Tim. Despite the fact that we live only 1.5 miles apart our next possible get together time is in around a week and a half. I currently have 3 weekly events in the evenings and 2 bi-weekly commitments. Plus during the April/May span I will see or have seen 4 different shows ranging from theatre events to a musical to Eddie Izzard comedy show, I will also attend 2 weekend retreats, one bridal shower, and possibly a graduation. I will also continue to eat meals with my housemates, work a full time job, clean the apartment a few times (okay maybe this will only happen once), spend time outside, do research on and buy an external hard drive (suggestions, anyone?), hear back from U of I library program, work in the garden, start an herb garden, host friends from out of town and maybe sleep a little too.

Plus it is spring right now which I am enjoying tremendously. Now normally spring tends to be something that catches me by surprise. I will be walking along staring at my shoes and kicking pennies along the sidewalk when I look up and boom there are ten thousand leaves on all the trees and flowers along every house. But this year it is going to be different, so everywhere I go I stare at all the trees and green shoots in the ground, just daring them to blossom without me noticing. Trees, I am on to you this year, there will be no sneaky sudden change, I see those buds and new growth, this year I won’t be fooled.

In other news, the promised Spring Break pictures are up on Flickr, so you should go check them out, but in case you are lazy, here are some of the best:

College friends unite

Jumpin Jhosaphats

Abbey road anyone?

Kite flying

rust, sand, sky

For more pictures, go click on the sidebar link to Flickr (hint its on your left, yeah, closer, right there, perfect!)


  1. hey wow. that picture I took (of the jumping) turned out really nice! go me!

  2. I turned to your blog immediately after sending birthday greetings to friend and musing on why we don’t feel any older (well, I don’t) and whether there would be any advantage in living backwards like Merlin. I conclude, after reading your take on it, that we live in worlds running parallel to but at a different speed from chronlogical time. Being very ancient myself, I go backwards deliberately – this year I’m studying Ancient Greek at uni. – and try to confound the whole process i.e. maybe if I do things at an inappropriate age, then my age may become irrelevant. I fear, however, that this is Peter Pan syndrome.

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