spring break

April 10, 2008

So like Steph has been saying, it is pretty easy to get behind on the whole blogging thing. Last week was spring break and I had this post that I was gonna do that filled you on every single day. But of course that didn’t happen, but instead of just publishing what I had I kept putting it off and putting it off. Then I realized what the heck this is my blog, I do what I want (how is that for egotistical blogging). So here is my slightly altered version of that.

Friday – Much of this day was spent counting down the minutes/hours/etc until the end of the day. I have to say as a high schooler I had no idea that the teachers and staff were probably all anticipating the beginning of every break even more than I was. In the evening I went to a fellowship potluck which ended up being a really nice time. People inquired about my life and pleasantries were exchanged and I managed to overcome my tendency to head out right after events end, by volunteering myself to do dishes. This task actually paid off in that another person who stuck around to the end informed me and another girl about plans to go see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I had heard about this rather unusual show earlier, but had forgotten about it in recent months, so I jumped at the chance to attend. Composed of an ensemble of actors who attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes, the skits range from political commentary and random thoughts, to personal confessions to experimental pieces TMLMTBGB was a lot of fun. However it did lead to a late bed time due to its 11:30pm start time.

Saturday – After sleeping in for a few hours I met up with some friends from church and drove up to a really really rich suburb (as opposed to the really rich one I live in) where one friend was dog/house sitting for the week. There we took advantage of her ridiculously huge/pretty/bright/large and generally magnificent television to watch Atonement. It pretty much blew my socks off, not only was it well acted, but so many of the scenes were so beautifully put together. After that, I rushed back to Etown to meet up with Jess and Becca to drive back to Goshen. We made the trip in fairly good time, considering our late start and after arriving home with my parents I immediately started doing my laundry (because in all honesty I still have a hard time saying no to free laundry). The evening was spent playing games and drinking tea with various gathered friends including a rousing game of settlers of cattan.

Sunday – Steph made us all come over to her house and slave away for hours making her wedding invitations. Fortunately we found some chips and dip over at Save a lot (the grocery store Steph had specially built in her back yard) to sustain us in this hard work.


Monday – Becca and I went with my Mom to the garden shop and bought 37 (this is only a mostly incorrect estimate) different kinds of herbs for our back porch herb and flower garden. We were (and still are) very excited and made lots of eeh! sounds.

Tuesday – I returned to Evanston on the south shore with Jess, we talked a lot, it was good.


not that I am a complete sloth, but sometimes...

UPDATE: So apparently I probably should have provided at least some context to this picture 🙂 As MLE guessed it is indeed a sloth. And no Jess I didn’t sneak off to the zoo that day. This picture is from my family’s trip to Brookfield Zoo last winter and I am using it to represent my activity level for the day, i.e. I was a lazy bum and it was wonderful.

p.s. I also really like this picture, because “hey look at that sloth, its moving so fast its blurry!”

Thursday – I made sticky buns, they were delicious.

Friday – I started off the day at a work-day up at the Fellowship house in Wisconsin. Followed by some attempts to get things done and other things I kinda forget. However the evening was pretty awesome because Steph, Chrissy and Joanne arrived and we got burgers (that I had been craving ever since I gave up beef for Lent). Then we went the grocery store, bought a fair amount of random liquor (Southern Comfort, anyone?), Chrissy got hit on by a guy and then we went home and put on make-up. It was good times all around.

I bet you wish you could take photos like this.

Saturday – We walked everywhere in Evanston because IT WAS SUNNY and WARM and BEAUTIFUL. Needless to say I took a bunch of photos and made everyone pose for me lots and lots. What can I say I have beautiful friends. (These pictures will be up sometime this evening eventually). Oh and we ate sushi, it was raw and good.

Sunday – After attending church and a delicious potluck we retired to the apartment to color posters, watch Blades of Glory. Then Jo, Jess and I headed down to the beach to fly the kite because it was still lovely outside. (Pictures soon)



  1. That sounds like a fabulous week.

    Forgive me if I am ignorant, but is that a photo of a sloth? 😀

  2. Also, on Sunday was Mike’s play!

    Abby, that’s funny I called you asking about the sloth when you specifically told me in the blog that you hadn’t gone that day:) What can I say, I like to ask questions before I read…

  3. Um, yeah, couldn’t figure out if that was a dog or a monkey hanging from the tree, and I couldn’t figure if it was a tree outside your house, and didn’t know whether or not your caption would be ominous or funny, or random, and I was mildly anxious to find out. Sounds like a great week!

  4. Stranger from ontario, looking at your incredible photos. Question? Is that Steven Shantz from Breslau, Ontario when he lived there about 40 years ago?

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