a white good friday

March 21, 2008

Maybe it was the snow that put me in a bad mood, but today has been a day of slighted feelings, nitpicking and grumpiness.  Not even the endorphins of an hour long class at the Y this morning helped lift my spirits.  In fact realizing just how how of shape I am right now, probably didn’t help.  On the plus side being shut in all day did help get a lot accomplished on our apartments’ most recent puzzle attempt.  But what really helped was going to the Good Friday service at church tonight.  Done in the Taize style, it was a simple hour of scripture, simple songs and silence, which in the end was exactly what I needed.  While no closer to having the questions of my life sorted out or perfection achieved, I did find a sense of calm. So now I will go sip some red tea, read more of Anne of Avonlea and hopefully be sound asleep by 10:30.

One comment

  1. Snow put you in a bad mood? What a failure I’ve been as a parent.

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