timeline 0-5

March 11, 2008

This concept has been floating around the blogosphere for quite some time now. I first heard about it in Maggie Mason‘s book “No One Cares What You Had For Lunch” and recently was reminded about it by Nothing But Bonfires‘s great series.

Age 0: I am born at home, joining my 2 1/2 year old brother, I have a plaster of copper curls, he is immediately jealous.
UPDATE: After talking to my mom I should note that I was actually born at Lancaster General Hospital, not at home. I am not entirely sure how I got the idea I was, but my Mom did say that she was able to give birth to me in a birth suite as opposed to the regular delivery room where she had Tim.  But the part about the curls is entirely accurate, although I should note that Tim was more jealous of my existence than that of my hair, at least I assume so 🙂

Age 1: I spend much of my time toddling after said brother and eating baby food. Far away in Illinois my future roommate, who also had red hair, is born.

Age 2: My parents bring home a rather cute lump in a blanket, they name him and decide to keep him. I am thrilled.

Age 3: I begin to lose the red in my hair as blonde takes over for good. My older brother starts leaving the house for long chunks of time. A temporarily peace reigns over the household.

Age 4: I start to be interested in where my brother goes during those long away times and decide I want to go too. Unfortunately, due to my late birthday I am denied the pleasure another year. To make up for this, I request homework from my parents and my Dad makes me worksheets to complete. Hence I begin my career as a school nerd.

Age 5: During my long wait for kindergarten my mother plans amazing alphabetical field trips to places such as Anderson’s Pretzels, an Egg Farm, and the Library. After each trip, she designs a page for my scrapbook. I of course fail to realize how amazing this all is until much later.



  1. I love this. especially the birth of jonathan.
    once I get working on fledg again, remind me to do this.

  2. wow, you are such a (lovable) nerd. I also like the part about Johnathan.

  3. jonathan is still a pretty cute lump, i must say. esp. in his utilikilt. 🙂
    also, i love the part about the worksheets. i used to pester my dad to let me grade his 8th graders’ papers.

  4. such a great idea. It dawned on me I know very very little about my first few years. My family has never told me very much about what I was like. I’ll have to ask.

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