in celebration of obscure polish generals

March 4, 2008

Yesterday I enjoyed yet another glorious celebration of Casmir Pulaski Day, a localized and lesser known holiday. In order to truly honor the great Pulaski, my roommates (interesting tangent – when you forget the e in roommates you end up with the interesting phenomena roommats) and I (minus the fabulous Erini who actually had to work on a Monday) went over to a co-worker’s house for an amazing British Jane Austin marathon. Becca baked scones, our co-worker provided tea, preserves and cucumber sandwiches, and after much debating we decided to go in reverse chronological order (Persuasion, Emma, Mansfield Park, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, for you non Jane Austin fans out there).

We gave ourselves a good start, withe Persuasion starting up at 10:30am and in all honesty I didn’t actually think that we would get through all of them. I mean my friends and I have had lots of marathons in the past, but like those runners who peak out on the 13th mile, rarely do we actually complete the task. But yesterday I can proudly* attest to watching all 5 movies, equaling approximately 12 hours of movie watching time (this includes short breaks for bathroom, chatting, and wedding picture show & tell). We did discover some basic themes running through all of the movies (not exactly in-depth lit crit here, but):

– embarrassing/controlling families
– lots of sheep
– walking long distances over hills is a good way for a young woman to demonstrate her free-spiritedness
– good women make good nurses
– selfishness is dull
– weddings! weddings! weddings!
– when in doubt go for the older man/brother figure, they tend to work out better
– the navy is the only form of military service that is at all redeemable, and if you can’t get a navy man, try for the clergy (unless he is a cousin who likes to create compliments, in which case run away, run far away).

*um proudly should be taken to mean something closer to slightly abashed awe

PS. If you have ever read Garfield (probably back in the late 90s when it was actually remotely amusing) this genius site will surely make you happy. (found via smartypants)



  1. Wow. I…don’t know what to say. I’m incredibly jealous, though. That sounds AWESOME.

  2. I’d never noticed the sheep – I’d better do some rapid re-reading! Regarding suitable matrimonial targets: when I was teaching, we used to have representatives from all three of the defence forces come to school to talk about their careers. They looked so gorgeous in their uniforms, and the Navy ones were probably the most impressive. However, I don’t know about the clergy as objects of passion (except in susan Howatch novels). Perhaps times have changed!

  3. Mirabella, my Mom introduced me to Susan Howatch novels, aren’t they great! And I have to admit while I will never really understand the appeal of it, uniforms are rather gorgeous at times.

  4. I like the Garfield website 🙂 Jon does seem a bit nuts all by himself. Although I must say that I talk to my dog all the time at home. And on the occasions that he’s not there, I still find myself talking out loud…which then makes for an awkward moment.

  5. big fan of the movie marathons. that’s a good one. my cousin and i, whenever we get to spend time together, generally rent 4-7 movies at one time. our proudest moment was camping out in her bedroom for about 30 hours watching various movies and DVD’s of television shows, only leaving once to go to the local gas station to get some greasy pizza, breadsticks, and coke. It was awesome and I’m still proud of myself:) I’m soon thinking of having a Princess Bride, Robin Hood Men in Tights, The Last Unicorn, and Labryinth marathon myself.

  6. Crystal – Gotta love the awkward moments, just one more reason it is a good thing neither of is the star of a reality tv show.
    Overstuffed Chair – wow, 30 hours is so impressive and I have to say your movie marathon line-up sounds amazing. I think another fun one would be
    classic Brat Pack 80s movies like: Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, etc.

  7. […] past weekend was full one and extra long thanks to my favorite holiday of the year, Casimir Pulaski Day.  The complete and total highlight of the weekend was the GC […]

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