tonight I’m gonna party like its 1999

February 28, 2008

I don’t know about the 1999 party or in all honesty about the party part, but I am pretty darn excited because I just submitted the last of all my graduate school applications! How exciting is that! very, I tell you very!

If you remember back to those bleary late january days, I was all in a dizzy about getting things done. And now I have completed the biggest part of that, grad school applications! The important thing to know in all of this is just how much I hate applying, be that to programs, jobs, etc. Anything that makes you sit down and write about how awesome you are/how good your job skills are drives me bananas. So now all that is left is wishing and hoping and waiting to hear back about being accepted or not.

In other news this past weekend was a good but crazy one. I was up in Wisconsin at a fellowship single women’s retreat. We stayed in this big rambling house right near the lake and Friday evening, after the moon rose, a bunch of the younger women all walked out onto the lake and slid around on the ice. We twirled around to various disney songs and raced each other, until the cold and occasional weird popping ice noises sent us indoors.

The retreat itself was very thought-provoking, mildly overwhelming in a good way and generally a lovely time.  I got back latish on Saturday night and Sunday was  a pretty packed day with church, helping Erini move in (for only an hour, the true heroes of the tale are Jess and Becca), attending a dance performance at the high school, supper with Tim and Charletta and then watching the Academy Awards on an amazing crystal clear flat panel television at a friend’s house.

Coming up this weekend is another busy one, but again lots of fun to be anticipated.  My family is getting together at a cabin in Michigan, where I am sure there will be much game playing, walking, picture taking, and general rest and merriment.



  1. Yeah for getting applications done! Any idea when you’d hear back? Miss you guys alot. Come visit me soon.

  2. Congrats on finishing up the applications!! I must say that I am jealous of your mini trips. My “vacation” from work is not nearly as relaxing and fun. But yay for fun times!

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