February 14, 2008

I was trying to find some inspiration about what to post on this auspicious day by looking through my old archives. I can’t believe I am working on my fourth year of this blogging thing. Which means I had three different valentine’s day posts to look over and see what I was up to in previous years.

2005 – This was a pretty good year, I was down in Indianapolis and living with someone who loved this holiday (this always helps 🙂 ). While none of us were dating anyone, we all got dressed up and cooked ourselves a really yummy meal. It remains one of my favorite memories from that semester.

2006 – A senior in college, I once again celebrated with friends, this time at my parents house. I also worked a shift at the coffee house and reflected on being single (my default state for v-day). This is a slightly more moody post, but it seems like I was finding ways to enjoy my life and all the other ways I had to express love.

2007 – While my post from this past year was a pretty rough one, I want to instead link to  day after post, because in it I write about one of the best parts of this past year, my roommates.  Instead of repeating a lot of what I wrote last year, I will just direct you all to go back and a take a look at it.  However this stage of our happy foursome is quickly coming to an end, Steph is moving back to Goshen in just over a week and will be marrying a great guy come June.  Erini will be moving in (here’s to the new gang!) and things are changing.

Change is good, but not always easy to process, it will be strange to have Steph living 3 hours away, considering I have lived with or very near her for the past 6 years.  I am very excited for her and the new stage of life she is heading down, but also aware of how things can never be like they were before.  I am constantly amazed by how quickly life is progressing and how it is impossible to return to any previous stage of life.  Ah, there is nothing like a 24 year old ruminating about the progression of life as we get older, to really sound full of it 🙂

Here’s to you and your valentines, be they your friends, families or lovers, I hope you have a wonderful day.


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