beware the pre-midnight blog posts

February 9, 2008

for lo they often take on the melancholy and end up resembling nothing more than bad poetry.

Tonight I danced and it was good, but it made me ache for things I don’t have right now.  Things that aren’t in my control, things that I can only attempt to gain by waiting and remaining open to new people.  Two things that are not exactly easy for me.  Sometimes I don’t understand the world today; the body language of flirting, the Rules and the complex of dance of showing interest without revealing yourself too soon.  Maybe we should go back to the days of Little Women, where the moral boys and girls always triumphed in the end.  Where waiting was rewarded, flirting looked down upon and simple joys were encouraged.

Yet even that is not enough, because I like the simple joys of being able to vote and my increased chances of not dying in childbirth.  Is there a way to connect in simple lasting ways without reverting to old fashioned romanticism?

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