Super Tuesday!*

February 4, 2008

da da dum didda dum … Its a bird! Its a plane! No! Its Super Tuesday!

So hopefully you all out there are clutching your voter’s registration cards in eager hands, just counting down the days until you too can vote (feel free to reference this handy dandy map to find out when your state weighs in on the big one). As for me and my fellow Illinoians (is there a better word for that?) we will be doing our civic duty this coming Tuesday. I have to say this by far the most exciting presidential election of my life (granted, this is only the second time that I have been old enough to vote and the first time I am voting for president in a state where my non-Republican vote actually matters).

But this is definitely the first time where A) I don’t have a clear favorite and B) there actually are several candidates who are both electable and hold my interest long enough to keep me from running sobbing into the arms of the Green party (who I still really like). In all honest I could be quite happy with either Clinton or Obama in the White House, however I think I am leaning pretty strongly towards Obama. The big things pushing me that way are two things that Clinton doesn’t really have control over. First as many people have pointed out, her win would mean that we would have either a Bush or Clinton in the White House since 1988. Second, Clinton is divisive and much hated in parts of the country. While I find this frustrating and think it probably has something to do with her being a woman, I do feel that Obama stands a better chance of actually uniting the country and maybe even making headway in our partisan government. Either way I am still new enough to this whole voting thing that I still get a little thrill from going in there and letting my voice be heard (isn’t optimism a fun change in pace!)

*It should be noted that it is also Fat Tuesday, making it a Super Fat Tuesday. Which is actually not flattering at all and probably hurting little Tuesday’s feelings



  1. The Super Tuesday results are quite prominent in the news in Australia too – maybe we’re still in election mode since our own federal one last November! But did you also indulge in pancakes yesterday?

  2. I actually did my indulging this past weekend, when my roommate brought home donuts from the bakery. They were quite yummy!

  3. Loved the line “hold my interest long enough to keep me from running sobbing into the arms of the Green party”.
    Although I hope Obama has it wrapped up by May 6 when we have our primary here in Indiana, it would be really exciting if we actually saw a candidate here before the convention.

  4. Voting for Clinton is like voting for McCain. There’s no way Clinton can seduce the moderates, swing voters, or independents. McCain can defeat Clinton, but not Obama.

  5. Wikipedia refers to Abe Lincoln and Grant as Illinoisans. It’s probably pronounced the way you spelled it though.

    Hoosiers are people from Indiana. Although my high school class president once asked, “Are people from Indiana called Indianers? Or are they actually called Hoosiers?”

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