I wouldn’t mind…

January 31, 2008

if I became a photographer of little renown, who just takes pictures that occasionally wow my close friends and family

if I lived in a treehouse by the sea

if I fell in love and it was returned, and we were sickeningly cute and then we got married and learned that love was hard work and we stayed married for years and years and then we sold our house and bought an RV and became “that old couple from Florida” that invades every truck stop

if I canned peaches with my mom this summer

if I went snowshoeing more often

if my face became suddenly and completely free of acne

if one of my many random crushes asked me out

if they came up with a fuel that airplanes could use that didn’t destroy the earth so I could travel to more far flung places without feeling guilty

if our cat stopped shedding

Your turn, what wouldn’t you mind happening in your life?



  1. it I got the admission job

  2. a treehouse by the sea sounds really lovely.

  3. Loved your list! Just wanted to say “hi” because I just found your blog tonight and have enjoyed reading through some of it. 🙂

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